Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What the Hell's Wrong with People

well it just ain't right
what the hell's wrong
these folks ain't too bright

The violence erupting
won't change anything
the fires, the looting
more brutality will bring

They're hurting themselves
while destroying much good
this world that we live in
is everyones hood

Respecting our neighbors
a thing of the past
never more obvious
than while their anger does last

And that there's the problem
you'll see on both sides
closed minded people
living lives nurtured by lies

The Blacks are all criminals
The Whites all racists
Asians invading
Too many Latinos exist

People today
they're brought up on disdain
and their hate leaves behind them
nothing but pain

Do I have the answer
no, but I can see the cause
it's those closed minded people
who won't give hate a pause

If only for a day
they'd give peace a chance
and walk hand in hand
we could learn a new dance

You might say “FAT CHANCE
your dream will never come true”
well you're probably right
not with your attitude

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