Friday, November 29, 2013

Their Beauty Is In Their Eyes

The eyes
the mirrors or the soul

Within them
you see into another's heart

It is there
that the very spirit of man
comes forth
from his heart
to the surface

His love and compassion

His sadness and longing

His joy and happiness

Is on display
for all the world to see

If you wish to see mans beauty
gaze into his eyes

What you see
will be
his heart

The Days Come And Go

The days come and go
what they'll bring
we don't know
it's always a mystery
until they arrive
and one of these days
while we're still alive
we'll wake up to find
a most marvelous surprise
as we look in the mirror
into our own eyes
we'll see a great truth
and our we'll realize
our very best friend
who has given us drive
has been living within us 
all of our lives

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Don't Go Changin'

Nobody likes me

Everybody hates me

I'm gonna go eat worms

So do I change for them
or do I stay who I am

Do I live in a manner
that they'll accept me

An existence based on lies
untrue to mine own self

It's sounds so much better
than the life I have now

But they still laugh

They call me a fake

I still don't fit in

There's another group I can try
maybe they'll believe my white lie
if I can become someone else
I'll no longer be left on the shelf
I'll be part of the group
be with the in crowd
accepted I'll be
and I'll shout it out loud

But that didn't work
well it did for a while
but lately when they look at me
I see a strange smile
kinda like when the others did see
the facade I'd put on
now they're laughin' at me

Where do I go
what will I do
lately I'm feelin'
like an old worn out shoe
where will I find
the acceptance I need
“try looking inside
from your heart you should feed”

The voice had come strong
the message was clear
the answer so simple
I was knocked on my ear

I remembered the start
of a song I'd once love
I could hear the words now
as they came from above

"Don't go changing, to try and please me
You never let me down before
Don't imagine you're too familiar
And I don't see you anymore
I would not leave you in times of trouble
We never could have come this far
I took the good times, I'll take the bad times
I'll take you just the way you are"

That's when i decided
it was all inside me
to accept who i was
and always would be

Lyrics ~ Billy Joel

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Book By It's Cover

Their love
short lived
for it was held in their eyes

The attraction
so strong
it just couldn't be wrong

Yet it died

The changes they thought
they could make in each other
were too many
for either to accomplish

It was like choosing
a book from the shelf
the cover was so appealing

I guess I'll never understand
why some feel
that they can change the words
a book holds inside

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Never Lose Your Song

We were younger
full of as they say
“piss and vinegar”
there was nothing
that could stand in our way

We listened
to The Beatles sing
“when I find myself in times of trouble”
we found ourselves self reliant
not needing Mother Mary to come to us

We were strong then
our whole life ahead of us
nothing could stop us
from forging ahead
sometimes in a rebellious manner

The songs were entertaining
the words didn't really matter
the beat made us dance though
the music made us feel good
it gave us life

Then, somewhere along the line
we forgot our youth
we traded it in for news of the world
bringing to us the troubles
that came with the times

The singing and dancing disappeared

The love of life seemed to wane

Was this our destiny, to be depressed unto death

Was it time to look for Mother Mary to come to us

Sing on old one
there's a life to be danced to
a song to be sung
it shall lift up your spirit
once again make you young

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time and Tide

Time and tide
wait for no man
we cannot stop time
nor control any tide
yet neither can wash true love away

Monday, November 18, 2013

Accept Yourself!

Why is it we seek
the acceptance of others
before accepting ourselves

Caring more about what they think
and what they feel about us
while going out of our way
looking to please them

Lying to ourselves

Not believing

We are special

We are important

Just as we are

Those who we seek attention from
will not live with us
for our lifetime
as we will

If we wish to live with ourselves
we must learn to accept ourselves
for who we are
rather than
trying to become

Living a lie

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Live Beneath Your Bed

I live beneath your bed
my purpose to cast fear
to whisper in your ear
in the middle of the night
delivering great fright
my breath upon your face
don't bother running I'll give chase
you see there's no escape
as I always change my shape

The direction that I'll come from
you'll never know

You can fight me all you want
try to hide to no avail
as I'll find you anywhere you go
yes, I am always on your tail
So give it up, just call it quits
why not end this great frustration
there is no fear quite like what's here
alive in your imagination

Enlightening Words

There are words
that we've spoken
and words
that we've written
that have helped another to see
It's as if we have shed a new light
upon their path
aiding them
as they travel though life
This is a wonderful thing that we do
but it would be a shame
if we did not allow these words
to brighten our paths as well


Once the flame dies
a smoldering continues
within the ashes
left behind in that pit
which held the fire
empty of fuel
the heart burns no more
and pain
are all that remain

Thank God For The Drip

Morning, the rain has stopped
leaving behind a constant drip falling upon the sill
other than the creak of my chair
and the sound of the keys as I type
it is the only sound keeping me company

Without them
the silence would be

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Consider The Candle

Consider the candle
chasing away the darkness
a blessing to those who need light
at its very core is a wick
the candle only becomes useful
when its core is aflame
that fire is its life
without that fire
it serves no purpose
it helps no-one.

At the very core of man
is his spirit.

If his core has no fire
if his spirit is not alive
can he serve any useful purpose
for mankind?

Living In A Fantasy World

Moving away
from todays world
filled with it's
and stress

I find myself
moving inward
toward a place
some consider
a fantasy world

A place
without hate

A place
filled with love

A place
without confrontation

A place
with respect

A place
with no wars

A place
of peace

A place
where the stress'
of todays world
cannot harm
my spirit

Am I hiding
you bet
for here I am safe
in a wonderful place
that's filled my heart
with joy

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ever, Never and Always

Ever and never are two terrible words
there are times we have to eat them
as the twists and turns of life
take us places we hadn't known existed.
They can be used to describe that
something hasn't happened yet.
We can see where we've been before,
but we don't know what the future holds.
Where it will take us and how we will get there
we are blind to, they are a mystery to us.
How many have said that they would never love again
only to find someone who
would renew their love.
How many have said that their love would never change
only to find that their love was infatuation,
lasting only for a short season.

I will always
I will never
It's forever

These words are a danger to us
when we let pride get in the way.

We've used them
We were wrong
We must move on

Life shouldn't be ruined
by words spoken in haste
with no understanding
of the joy we could waste.

There are times in our lives
we must plot a new course
and move to new pastures
without a hint of remorse.

For life with its twists
and its turns we will grow
as we flow with the changes
a new person we'll know.

But don't be afraid
it will be for the best
don't let those absolutes hinder
is my simple request.

Thursday, November 14, 2013


So many people
with different beliefs
man made religions
based on guilt and grief

Largely about power
corrupted by greed
your absolute blind following
is the drug that they need

Often made up of zealots
the most intolerant by far
having radical beliefs
quite dangerous they are

Pitting folks against family
pushing nations to wars
there's nothing more vile
than their lies by the scores

But they're supposed to preach peace
supposed to be about love
yet the way they present it
suggests no God up above

When will they learn
that the world is their brother
treating all with respect
it would be well worth their bother

Driven Unto Fear

Driven by his desire
for the wealth
and the power
of another
he had learned
to hate
this hate drove him
now to the point
where the end
justified the means
he accomplished his goal
he found power
he became wealthy
but remained ignorant
thinking he had it all
that he was untouchable
until he met a man
one much like himself
hungry for power
hungry for wealth
a man who could
crumble the empire
he had built
a weakness
now came over him

he now knew fear

Few Expectations, Fewer Disappointments

My neighbor just always seems happy
and me, I can't understand why
you know it's not like they've got a lot
they're just barely makin' it by

But that doesn't seem to bother 'em
they just keep on pluggin' along
it's as if they've got everything you could want
but from what I see they gotta be wrong

How come they're never disappointed
if it was me that's how I would feel
they just don't seem to expect anything
but they're happy, how can that be real

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No More Self Pity

When I lost
the sight in one eye
I bawled like a child
wondering why

Feeling sorry for self,
well that was for me
forgetting the fact
that I could still see

My life now over
was the message unfurled
to me it did seem
like the end of the world

But it was only one eye,
what's happened to me
the self pity set in,
was this how life would be

My thoughts turned to fear
of losing the other
how would I survive
would I be a bother

it's not fair
why me
why can't I see

But I could still see
with the eye I had left
and then something happened
I was no longer bereft

I started noticing folks
that were worse off than I
with problems far worse
than the loss of an eye

That became the end of self pity,
the end of the fight
and I started to look
at the world in new light

I started to see
all the things I'd looked past
there was beauty in all things,
I could see this at last

Again such a change,
a new chapter in life
one that had opened
through pity and strife

It was a lesson I needed,
one I had not known I would
it opened the eyes of my heart,
it changed me for good

These lessons in life
though we hate them at times
if we wait for their reason
we won't see them as crimes

Look towards the positive
appreciate all you have
for when soothing the spirit
it's a wonderfully strong salve.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Life Is For The Living

There is a time
to surrender yourself
to that which is taking you
along for the ride.

This is not giving up
it is giving in
to that moment in life
that has come upon you.

These moments in life
have a way of taking you
to places
that are intended to mold you.

To kick against the pricks
during these times
holds you back from becoming
the person you were meant to be.

Each day brings with it
a brand new start,
a learning experience
and an opportunity to move forward.

We should not waste these moments
by living in the past
or being afraid
of what the future might bring.

Live now in the moment you have been given
to the fullest.

Life is for the living,
celebrate life.


It was old age
that created the sage
it was over time
that his wisdom did come

The lessons he learned
inside him were burned
then held close
to be shared with all of man

Many words the sage said
oh, they've entered my head
but did no good
until they entered my heart

What If

What if
there was no covetous greed,
I believe for religions
there would be no need.

Greed is often for power
and sometimes for wealth
and when overzealous
extremely bad for our health.

Desiring, groping
always for more
attacking our spirit
leaving it poor.

Gone to the point
where our means become crimes
bringing this world
to the worst of it's times.

But if there was
no covetous greed
and we find satisfaction
in that which we need.

The theft would then stop
the killing as well
and we might not be living
in this man made Hell.

The Loss Of Laughter

The death of your spirit!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day

Remembering wars
only keeps them alive
often renews hate
allows bitterness to thrive

Some still hate those Gerrys
there are others hating Japs
and now it's those Arabs
will we ever let hate lapse

It'll eat at your insides
devour your soul
not giving it up
keeps you from being whole

It denies you your joy
keeps your happiness at bay
all laughter is lost
no-one should ever live this way

That's not why men died
when they fought in these wars
love of country and freedom
not just theirs, mine and yours

Today we honor these men
whether volunteer or draftee
never forgetting their sacrifice
that we might live free

Sunday, November 10, 2013


Clouds enter our lives
often bringing a rain
this can be a much troubled time
filled with sorrow and pain
heartache and tears
often filling our days
stealing our joy
in so many ways
our days then seem long
as if they've no ends
with an awful aloneness
as if we've no friends
but not all is lost
if we'll be patient and wait
those clouds will move on
you see it's never too late
with a new day will come hope
as the sun warms your soul
healing your heart
making you whole.

Will We Ever Know Peace

Will we ever know peace
will we wait till too late
how many will be left
will man wait
until he has no neighbor
a world of loneliness
only brings horrid memories
of the devastation of wars
brought on by greed
of political power
and religious zealotry
I pray man gives himself a chance
to awaken to the reality
that we must share this planet
in harmony and peace.

An Unbearable Load

Today I write
as tears flow
those who passed
thinking of those yet
to go
how I wish
we could change
and end this road
easing mankind
of this unbearable load.

Remembering War

Remembering war
visiting in the past
all that comes is heartache
the loss of the lives
on both sides
the cost of war
ever at the door
leaving behind
broken families
wives without husbands
children without fathers
for what
political differences
the cost is too high
the freedom of a people
should not be impinged upon
Edwin Star
“war, good God
what is it good for
absolutely nuthin'”
a simple lesson
that we have not yet learned
remembering war
has not made it vanish
war still goes on
our young men continue to die
I hate these wars
I love these young men
they will live again in our hearts
it is they who deserve to be remembered.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

When We Will Know True Freedom

This body, anchored to terra firma
I cannot fly as the birds
nor can I swim as the fish do
I shall not know their freedoms
until one day
when my spirit
departs this body with its limitations 
and flies free with the eagles.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Love, With Limits

Their love had its limits
it was rationed, restrained
held back from each other
to protect them from pain
they grew not together
but rather apart
their relationship doomed
right off from the start
they hadn't a chance
as they were too blind to see
that without real commitment 
it was just not meant to be.

Monday, November 4, 2013


the air has become cool
and crisp
with all their autumnal colors
the trees decide it's time
to shed their leaves
hiding the ground
of your most favorite places
in the yard it becomes
work to be done
but for a golfer
of which I am one
the leaves in their beauty
become a nuisance
but somehow this doesn't matter
my son is home from the war
it's time to play.