Thursday, February 7, 2013

Forgive, Forget, Find Joy

Each day brings with it
a chance to start over.

To reflect on our past
as we lie upon clover.

To forgive and forget
evils done unto us.

For our spirits to have peace
and avoid all the fuss.

Forgiveness it seems
is mostly for self.

So as to clear all the bitterness
from off of our shelf.

Forgetting as well
is best if we can.

To make us once more
that harmonious man.

The peace and the harmony
can then lead the way.

To a joyful filled life
that will never decay.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Words Come as Emptiness Flees

Painful lack of words
writing becomes much too hard
where have our poems gone.

Words written in haste
now make very little sense
without any flow.

They are no longer
as a body without breath
alive for others.

Emptiness resides
in a heart without feeling
our words have no life.

Those words without life
failing to bless another
become of no use.

Why do we ignore
inspiration from nature
our muse is asleep.

Once it awakens
words return to the living
joy comes to our hearts.

The words that we write
from the very first start
do not come from the head
they begin in the heart.

Meant not only for self
but for those we don't know
to strengthen and bless them
in many ways, most untold.

So we open our minds
but mostly our hearts
we must let our inner words flow
for another's healing to start.