Saturday, February 28, 2015


birds of prey
prefer fresh meat
bring a violent death
to their meal
the people of a nation
go hungry

Friday, February 27, 2015


The problem with whiskey
I think it's been said
is that it's after effects
go straight to the head
and if one is not careful
his spirit will shred
and when control is all lost
likely wind up as dead

A little is good
a lot oh so bad
I learned that the hard way
which made me quite mad
yes when push came to shove
those times they were sad
only myself there to blame
losing the control that I had

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Changes, always changes
bringing ends that are unseen
at times
make a life sheen
but then a flip side
later seen
an ugliness
that's turned mean

But the changes do come
no time for a breath
we must accept them and roll
or face a bleak death
for once left behind
it's joy we find missing
and have no reason at all
to continue life's dancing

If all you do is just sit there
your spirit will soon tear
so take them and roll
continue life's stroll
the joy you may find
just might bring peace of mind
they determine your fate
yes your changes await

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Too Many English Teachers - not a poem, just a statement that needs sayin'

This just needs to be said, and it seems that the job seems to have been handed to me. You see, i believe that words and ideas are given to people in order for them to be shared. So, here goes!

It seems that today there has been an influx of wannabe English teachers. The misuse of quite a few words brings them out of the woodwork giving them the opportunity to show the rest of the world just how smart they are. Me personally, I could care less. I read for understanding rather than to pick apart another persons misuse of grammatical correctness. Yes, I like trying to use the proper forms of the words to/too/two, there/their/they're and you're/your/yore. Hang on though folks, it's not/knot the end of the world if the wrong form of the word bare/bear or wear/where gets used if you can still understand the point of what is being said. Punctuation is another sore point. If you can understand what is being said in that two hundred and fifteen word run-on sentence, just move on to the next statement. Capitalization, c'mon, if it's missing does it really change the meaning of the word at the beginning of a sentence? Does it make dover, delaware a different city for the lack of capital letters?

It's time to grow up folks. This is the internet, not a job application for a teaching position. If you can understand it, quit trying to prove yourselves superior in the belittlement of others.

Why Lie

Why lie
what is there to gain
a life of slavery
to a story that's lame

lies are tough to remember
they morph and become strange
while the truth is so simple
as it never does change

why not live free
unbridled from lies
gain peace in your heart
find joy in your eyes

there will be new respect
folks will form a great trust
all because of a practice
of truth being a must

Monday, February 23, 2015

Feet Functional, not Fashionable

Feet, they're wonderful things
to the body a purpose they bring
not very pretty at all
but when you are walking
or even standing and talking
thank them as they don't let you fall

that's right you can't win
they're as ugly as sin
go ahead paint the nails if you must
just be grateful they're there
you're not on your derriere
for your balance in them you can trust

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Rustic

The home of the brave
the land of the free
folks enslaved by the rat race
well except two or three

these folks live off the grid
yeah out there on their own
in ways they work harder
but then, nature's their home

their needs are quite basic
a roof, clothing and food
what they became is rustic
no, they're not crude

it's the simple life
and it can be a great thing
providing that is
you make it through winter to spring


enslaved by the dollar
that's what we are
and the pittance received
it don't go very far

folks keep working harder
and production goes up
while their wages stay flat
the profits go up

often forced to apply
for help from the state
workers become labeled takers
was this stigma their fate

then complaints are put forth
about the redistribution of wealth
but that's how capitalism is supposed to work
thanks trickle down stealth

today's dollar trickles up
to the pockets of the rich
as daily more do without
ain't redistribution a bitch!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boss vs Leader

The boss is a pusher
just get it done
while the leader
takes part
and makes the job fun

when pushed
just like cattle
workers stray everywhere
but being led
by a shepherd
the job gets done with great care

you see
being in charge
is more than just having your say
and the respect
you'll receive
is different as night and day

be a boss
be a leader
go ahead take your pick
but you should
be forewarned
the result could make you sick

Sunday, February 15, 2015


we must look again
at the words PRO and CON
neither is is perfect
nor either all wrong

but if we as a people
wish to grow and move on
PRO is more needed
there's no movement in CON

when being PROgressive
we can attain great new heights
but if too CONservative
we'll find the pathway there bites

so PRO or Con
where do we stand
are we for or against
the many issues at hand

if we want move forward
and make real PROgress
we should never depend
on that group we call CONgress


We've had enough
we want our boys home
there's no need for more dying
on battle fields all alone

These wars stealing lives
and not just of the soldiers
broken hearts of their families
dealing with new burdened shoulders

Dead, disabled
body and spirit
the families cry out ENOUGH
but our leaders don't hear it

Playing their politics
doing so for their profit
the war machine must continue
and reelection first on the docket

They've forgotten the people
the little guy no longer matters
since Citizens United
allowed these politicians new handlers

The ballot belongs to the rich
it's money stuffing the box
and one of these days
we'll find our country on blocks

Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Gone On Way Too Long

when will they end
they're killing our men
the wars in the east
have gone on way too long

they just keep sending our boys
treating them like plastic toys
while they sit back and profit
that's wrong

the dead and the dying
the maimed none of them lying
they're just numbers
in the countries archives

what's the hell's wrong with our leaders
it seems they've become bottom feeders
feeding their glutinous appetites
while the have-nots pay with their lives 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


We often disdain
that which gives us our gain
we just won't entertain
yes we'd rather abstain
holding fast in our brain
this lousy dark stain
while we're dragged by a train
on a chain we call pain

if this to you is arcane
and you think it inane
you might go talk to Sir Gawain
maybe he will explain
it won't be mundane
but will likely drive you insane
you see it's a whole new terrain
and even odder domain
but it's time to restrain
and no longer complain
about pain

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Awakened by the brook washing over the tiny set of falls

I hear the birds singing a welcome to the new day

natures song is being played

its flute has come alive

the ivory of her keys are caressed gently

my ears gather their blessing

the peaceful surrounding have brought tranquility to my spirit

my heart fills with joy

how fortunate I am to see another day dawn

The Unkind Back

My back
it hurts
the pain
it comes in spurts

The task
at hand
is to simply
try to stand

From hot packs
unto cold
I don't like this
getting old

It's become so hard to walk
I don't even want to talk
all I want is some relief
from this nagging pain and grief

It's even hard now just to think
seeing I've hurt my weakest link
and although I'm sharing ink
it's times like these that really stink

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Troubles Were Few

The pain brought rain
the eyes watered while burning
it seldom subsided
and was always returning

It became so hard to read
and equally hard to write
when the hell would it end
it was not a good night

My thought was why me
why must I live in this state
but then I met another
who suffered from a worse fate

He sat in his chair
no legs crippled arms
but the words that he spoke
were filled with great charms

I became ashamed of myself
as all I'd done was cry
this man had conquered hopelessness
while I didn't even try