Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Too Many English Teachers - not a poem, just a statement that needs sayin'

This just needs to be said, and it seems that the job seems to have been handed to me. You see, i believe that words and ideas are given to people in order for them to be shared. So, here goes!

It seems that today there has been an influx of wannabe English teachers. The misuse of quite a few words brings them out of the woodwork giving them the opportunity to show the rest of the world just how smart they are. Me personally, I could care less. I read for understanding rather than to pick apart another persons misuse of grammatical correctness. Yes, I like trying to use the proper forms of the words to/too/two, there/their/they're and you're/your/yore. Hang on though folks, it's not/knot the end of the world if the wrong form of the word bare/bear or wear/where gets used if you can still understand the point of what is being said. Punctuation is another sore point. If you can understand what is being said in that two hundred and fifteen word run-on sentence, just move on to the next statement. Capitalization, c'mon, if it's missing does it really change the meaning of the word at the beginning of a sentence? Does it make dover, delaware a different city for the lack of capital letters?

It's time to grow up folks. This is the internet, not a job application for a teaching position. If you can understand it, quit trying to prove yourselves superior in the belittlement of others.

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