Thursday, May 28, 2015

Benghazi or Bush

Embassy deaths
Benghazi claimed four
but when W. had charge
there were fifty-six more

It was the fault of that woman
was the chant of the congress
when cutting her budget
was their version of progress

Investigations ensued
they called for her head
it proved it their own fault
and the scandal was dead

But they tried once again
to prove it her fault
wasting taxpayer money
drawn from the vault

It became too late to quit
giving it many more tries
misleading the public
with congressional lies

When will they quit about Clinton
and investigate Bush
I know it's just politics
another ambush

We Have Met the Enemy

Vietnam war
the U.S. whore
the CIA
they had to play
too many lost lives
and widowed wives

Protests at home
they weren't alone
they were in the streets
at rallies and meets
the lies we were fed
now at home more dead

Seventy-eight the fourth of May
students lay dead on that dark day
their minds were spoken
the lines then broken
the result of this protest
too hard to digest

The national guard
they came down hard
a simple mistake
put lives at stake
Kent State spoke out
then shots rang out
and there were four dead in Ohio

Black, No Cream or Sugar

It's morning
the night grew late
seemed was my fate

These open eyes
I so despise
I turn from the mirror
it tells no lies

They're oh so red
inside I'm dead
why did I ever
leave the bed

But it matters not
I must start the day
put on that face
that says I'm OK

Show the world
there is a way
in this game of life
I'm still in play

there's more to be done
I just can't give up
I know I'll feel great
after my second cup

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chocolate, The Final Answer

What they declare
is that life is unfair
so let me clear the air
it's their lack of care
in the attitude they wear
as they're going nowhere
making life a nightmare

It's an awful affair
as they're not even aware
they've stepped into a snare
and they're wishing to share
their life of despair
naming you as their heir
to reside in their lair

So please if you dare
sit down, take a chair
and rather than glare
let me take you elsewhere
so that you might forebear
and not run off somewhere
because of this scare

Eat you some chocolate eclair

The Day His World Disappeared

I know not my own mind
the day plods on
I cannot keep up
as soon as I see where I am
I am gone
it seems as if to some other dimension
a whole different world
one where I find so little in common
that my understanding is as I said

I feel no-one is there
for guidance
for consolation
to lead me back to the familiar places
that seem to have been left behind
to that safe place of in my mind
that holds on to my sanity

To return
even for a moment
then I would not feel
so lost
nor confused
as to who I am
and where I belong in this life

Held captive
in the emptiness of this place
my days without meaning
have led to places of darkness
ones that I wish to forget
yet they linger

How to move on

Which turn is to be taken

Is there any path that leads home
to the world I once was a portion of
tiny though I was
I was part of what made up the whole

There was purpose

There was reason

There was a feeling of sanity
of understanding
a closeness
with no confusion
during those times
and in that place
I never felt lost  

An Eye For An Eye

An eye for an eye
leaves everyone blind
vengeance is always
best left behind

To repay evil with evil
cannot balance a scale
it's just amplified evil
doling out one more fail

Things are only made worse
when you follow that course
why do men still believe
they're immune to this curse

Will man ever learn
or let his soul burn
while anger within him
continues to churn

It's time to wake up
repay evil with kind
your reward is within
as it brings peace of mind

Breaking the circle
preserving our sight
it may not be easy
but well worth the fight

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Place to Rest

People ranting
poisonous anger and frustration
on the very edge of violence

bringing it forth

Sorrow enters my heart
for their lack of peace

The longer these poisons
are allowed to reside within
to imprison us
the longer we suffer

Joy and happiness
remain locked away from us

Anger must be let go of
bitterness released
frustration can be quelled

Forgetting is not always necessary
but forgiveness a must
many don't realize
forgiveness benefits no one
more than themselves

Letting anger, frustration and bitterness go
frees the heart and soul
from our self made prisons
that deprives us
of the joy and love
that is intended for our lives

Forgiveness is a reprieve for the heart
a tonic for the very soul
it renews a mans spirit

It gives us a place to rest

From Heart to Paper

There's poetry here in my heart
the trouble is gracing the paper
no words do flow unto my pen
my mind contains nothing but vapor

Thoughts so jumbled
I cannot think
from this emptiness
my heart doth shrink

To be reborn
to come alive
those lovely words
I must revive

To write again
to share this heart
it's what I must do
how do I start

Words on paper
not making sense
they're not fulfilling
they make me tense

There's a dam within
holding back the flood
yet I plod on
as if through mud

I know they'll come
this drought will end
the words will flow
once again be penned

Rejoicing now
as the words return
from heart to paper
they begin to churn

They're like a taste of honey
blessing the soul
for now as they flow
I again feel whole

His Eyes Ached

His eyes ached
his vision now blurred
it was like when steam
created by scalding hot water
coats a mirror

Life was a drag
was this how it was to end
would he simply fade away
as the sunlight at dusk
slide below the surface
as the sun itself sets

There was a time
that he was well
felt strong
and had a feeling of purpose
he had a dream

Those days were gone
his dream was beyond reach
it vanished in a haze

The warm air
escaping the dryer vents
it was all he had to keep him warm
it smelled of softener sheets
his eyes ached

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day

Memories of those passed
not confined to the few
hearts broken through loss

Taken by wars
on the battle fields
and on our the streets
by both malicious
and accidental means

In any way that they leave
the pain of their absence
is not all that is left behind
for they have given us
the good times of their childhood
the awkward moments
of adolescence
and the pride we find
in calling them
friends and family

This memorial day
our minds are brought to both
the hard times and the good

Our tears
a mixture of
sadness and joy

Monday, May 18, 2015

Forgiveness or Bitterness, it's Your Choicde

I've written of forgiveness
so many times
sometimes more prose
other times more in rhymes
but one things for certain
it's what you must do
and it's not really for them
it's mostly for you

Letting loose of your anger
will comfort your soul
free up your heart
and in the end makes you whole
but if you hold tight
on to your bitterness
you'll be cheated of joy
and won't find happiness

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

They're Not Invisible

They are in the alleys of our cities
in the parks of our small towns
and under bridges
even in many tiny villages

Their cries for help go unheard
as if they have no voice

More often than not
they are ignored
as if they are invisible

Yet they are there
and in need

Is there a point to life
when all that exists in the heart is despair
when basic human needs
are only delivered for a very short
and temporary moment
when any relief and happiness
is shallow enough
to be washed away in the next

What point is there when
is all you have

Life should be full
real and honest
delivering joy to the heart
encouragement to the spirit
peace to the soul
and a satisfaction to the stomach

The streets seldom provide for these needs

Governments attempt to criminalize people
for a homelessness
that is beyond the control
of these people who have lost all hope
and have been reduced to life in the streets
for the greed of the super rich
and an ever growing lack of care
for those we should be treating
as brothers and sisters

When did we cease as a nation
to be “for the people”

How did our government
get to the point of turning away from the people
to serve the rich above all others

regardless of their denominations
or religions
claim they are there to do Gods work

Since when has it been Gods work
to leave children hungry
cold, lonely and in the streets

Since when has it been Gods work
to treat other humans as vermin
because they have been dirtied on the surface
because of a life of hardship
have different beliefs, customs or life styles

So many do so little
they are the sayers

There are a few that do all they can
they are the doers

The doers
some are believers
others are not
the doers
have hearts
broken for those in need

Where governments and religions
now stand in the way
of help for these people
made of the same clay
giving a voice to the homeless
so they might have their say
the doers step in
and help as they may

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


There is a stream
that carries the music of life through the forest.
Ever calming the soul and spirit
of the creatures beneath the canopy above.

As I sit by waters side,
my toes being kissed by its current
I find an unexpected blessing
that was ever there for me.
All that was needed
was for me to accept it

To get here I left a world ravaged by
a rushed and impatient society.
Its greed and lack of kindness
has taken its sad toll of men.

It would have owned me
had I not come to this place I now sit.
Far away from that world
free of stress, in true comfort.
A place more tranquil
than one could ever imagine.

The thoughts of the world I have left
have been washed from my mind.
My soul, my very spirit
has grown new ears.
My heart has opened
peace and joy have entered.

I am one with the forest.
The stream flows through me.
I am filled with its music.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Here in the Richest Nation on Earth

He lay helpless in the gutter
so many people walking by
he was treated as if invisible
he could see them avert their eyes
was it his tattered clothing
the gaunt face of hunger he wore
they ignored his plea for help
what has made them immune
to their hearts
you would swear
they were born without one
how is it that they have so little care
for those who have needs
that they can no longer provide for themselves
so many who's only crime
was that they were the working poor
sentenced to life on the streets
the homeless
who have fallen through the cracks
here in this land of plenty
this country that spends so much
in support of other countries
while criminalizing the results
of their own greed
here in the richest nation on Earth

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The Beating Goes On

Violence begets violence, hate begets hate
this issue must end before it's too late

it's one thing to spank, quite another to beat
whether its done at home or out in the street

public embarrassment just angers your kid
resentment will grow of which you'll never be rid

families then broken bonds forever lost
public beatings have a terrible cost

this circle exists and there is no denying
in the end what you'll find is a parent who's crying

wondering why their kids have lost all respect
when their beatings have been a form of neglect

sparing the rod is not spoiling the child
when it's most often the rod that makes the youth wild

parents wake up, if it's fear that you want
what you will gain are regrets that forever will haunt

your child needs you to be their greatest hero
don't treat them in a way that you appear as a zero

the mother in Baltimore in that brief little session
has taught to her son a truly terrible lesson

there's a form of discipline, one that's way over the line
that when their child misbehaves, they've learned that beatings are fine

you see beatings get passed down to the next generation
when the kids beat their own kids, it's a regeneration

nobody's been listening, the problem's not gone
the circle continues and the beating goes on

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Still on the Bus

Been riding the bus
ever since I first can remember.
So many drivers.
So many different fellow riders.
Each and every one
totally individual.
Sure, they may have had some things in common
but no two were exactly alike.
Everyone had something,
it may not have been much,
but there was something about them that
changed me,
molded me,
made me who I became.
Right now I'm still riding that same bus.
I'm still changing every day.
I've not seen any purpose
in ending my ride at this time.
Some day the bus will reach it's final destination.
My ride will end.
My hope is that I've made a difference along the way.

They Come, They Go

They come into our lives
then sometime later they go
just what brought us together
there's no way to know

We were molded and shaped
as we walked side by side
strangers became friends
during the times our lives coincide

There is one thing that I'm certain of
for the time they've been here
every moment spent together
should be the times we hold dear


I wished to be free
Within me a war was raging
My feeling was that I had no control
over who I was
I was powerless to break free
from the chain my past had become
Had I been living a lie
for too long of a time
Was I even the same person
as when I was young
I never really did like
the direction and activities
of those who I had called my friends
Why was being like them
the direction I had chosen
for the way I wanted to see myself
Why was their acceptance
so damned important
I have enslaved myself
to an image
Why had I not given the truth a chance
to set me free

Monday, May 4, 2015

Man's Wishes

Man's wishes are oft as he fishes
though he may cast many lines
he can only reel in one at a time

Friday, May 1, 2015

Ashes To Ashes

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
today's people are angry
and its for violence they lust
blood being spilled
on earths very crust
with a system that's deafened
and no longer just

Is it too late
to change how men think
I hate that we're standing
this close to the brink
I can't put the blame
on the whiskey they drink
when it's the attitudes they're taught
that really does stink

Filled up with hate
riddled with fear
for that which is different
approaching too near
and they don't see the problem
that's one thing that's clear
seen in their favorite activity
their refusal to hear

Ashes to ashes
dust to dust
badges now tarnished
as if covered with rust
weren't these the people
we were taught to trust
why must the good shake their heads
in utter disgust

The Shedding of Tears

There are no roads toward closure
when your family is taken
a piece of you dies
as your soul has been shakin'

The hole left behind
can never be filled
even when justice is served
you'll not really be thrilled

Your sadness will visit
throughout your years
but you'll find you can make it
through the shedding of tears

The Road to Peace is an Open Heart

Bigotry, hatred
the road to discord
bringing terrible deeds
with the ugliest words

People are people
we all share this earth
we all have a purpose
we all have a worth

We never know when
we'll have need for another
some day we must wake up
and see that all men are brothers

Red, yellow,
black, white and brown
no matter their race
should not be put down

Gay, straight,
believers or not
whether they're male or female
not confined to a spot

We've no right to treat people
who are different from us
with our ways and words
that throw them under the bus

It says “all men are equal”
but that's not how folks are treated
and it's this lack of respect
that's caused peace to be defeated

Wake up my friends
and seal a new fate
learn to love one another
before it's too late

If you're afraid
you'd not know how to start
it's really quite easy
just open your heart