Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Place to Rest

People ranting
poisonous anger and frustration
on the very edge of violence

bringing it forth

Sorrow enters my heart
for their lack of peace

The longer these poisons
are allowed to reside within
to imprison us
the longer we suffer

Joy and happiness
remain locked away from us

Anger must be let go of
bitterness released
frustration can be quelled

Forgetting is not always necessary
but forgiveness a must
many don't realize
forgiveness benefits no one
more than themselves

Letting anger, frustration and bitterness go
frees the heart and soul
from our self made prisons
that deprives us
of the joy and love
that is intended for our lives

Forgiveness is a reprieve for the heart
a tonic for the very soul
it renews a mans spirit

It gives us a place to rest

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