Tuesday, May 12, 2015


There is a stream
that carries the music of life through the forest.
Ever calming the soul and spirit
of the creatures beneath the canopy above.

As I sit by waters side,
my toes being kissed by its current
I find an unexpected blessing
that was ever there for me.
All that was needed
was for me to accept it

To get here I left a world ravaged by
a rushed and impatient society.
Its greed and lack of kindness
has taken its sad toll of men.

It would have owned me
had I not come to this place I now sit.
Far away from that world
free of stress, in true comfort.
A place more tranquil
than one could ever imagine.

The thoughts of the world I have left
have been washed from my mind.
My soul, my very spirit
has grown new ears.
My heart has opened
peace and joy have entered.

I am one with the forest.
The stream flows through me.
I am filled with its music.

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