Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Day His World Disappeared

I know not my own mind
the day plods on
I cannot keep up
as soon as I see where I am
I am gone
it seems as if to some other dimension
a whole different world
one where I find so little in common
that my understanding is as I said

I feel no-one is there
for guidance
for consolation
to lead me back to the familiar places
that seem to have been left behind
to that safe place of in my mind
that holds on to my sanity

To return
even for a moment
then I would not feel
so lost
nor confused
as to who I am
and where I belong in this life

Held captive
in the emptiness of this place
my days without meaning
have led to places of darkness
ones that I wish to forget
yet they linger

How to move on

Which turn is to be taken

Is there any path that leads home
to the world I once was a portion of
tiny though I was
I was part of what made up the whole

There was purpose

There was reason

There was a feeling of sanity
of understanding
a closeness
with no confusion
during those times
and in that place
I never felt lost  

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