Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From Heart to Paper

There's poetry here in my heart
the trouble is gracing the paper
no words do flow unto my pen
my mind contains nothing but vapor

Thoughts so jumbled
I cannot think
from this emptiness
my heart doth shrink

To be reborn
to come alive
those lovely words
I must revive

To write again
to share this heart
it's what I must do
how do I start

Words on paper
not making sense
they're not fulfilling
they make me tense

There's a dam within
holding back the flood
yet I plod on
as if through mud

I know they'll come
this drought will end
the words will flow
once again be penned

Rejoicing now
as the words return
from heart to paper
they begin to churn

They're like a taste of honey
blessing the soul
for now as they flow
I again feel whole

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