Wednesday, May 13, 2015

They're Not Invisible

They are in the alleys of our cities
in the parks of our small towns
and under bridges
even in many tiny villages

Their cries for help go unheard
as if they have no voice

More often than not
they are ignored
as if they are invisible

Yet they are there
and in need

Is there a point to life
when all that exists in the heart is despair
when basic human needs
are only delivered for a very short
and temporary moment
when any relief and happiness
is shallow enough
to be washed away in the next

What point is there when
is all you have

Life should be full
real and honest
delivering joy to the heart
encouragement to the spirit
peace to the soul
and a satisfaction to the stomach

The streets seldom provide for these needs

Governments attempt to criminalize people
for a homelessness
that is beyond the control
of these people who have lost all hope
and have been reduced to life in the streets
for the greed of the super rich
and an ever growing lack of care
for those we should be treating
as brothers and sisters

When did we cease as a nation
to be “for the people”

How did our government
get to the point of turning away from the people
to serve the rich above all others

regardless of their denominations
or religions
claim they are there to do Gods work

Since when has it been Gods work
to leave children hungry
cold, lonely and in the streets

Since when has it been Gods work
to treat other humans as vermin
because they have been dirtied on the surface
because of a life of hardship
have different beliefs, customs or life styles

So many do so little
they are the sayers

There are a few that do all they can
they are the doers

The doers
some are believers
others are not
the doers
have hearts
broken for those in need

Where governments and religions
now stand in the way
of help for these people
made of the same clay
giving a voice to the homeless
so they might have their say
the doers step in
and help as they may

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