Saturday, August 31, 2013


To a place of bitterness
was where my anger took me.
Hurting from the words of another
was sparked each time the thought of that person
entered my mind.

The feeling inside
was as a burning coal.
An urge to cast it away
so that the subject
and cause of my anger
could feel it's burn
held me.

He felt nothing.

He didn't even realize that I was angry.

My emotion of anger was wasted
for much too long a season.

The only one my anger burned was me.

Renew Your World

A heart opened to others
giving of self.
Our words gentle and kind
always spoken.
Fulfilling the needs of the poor
put before us.
Caring that all can find peace
and good health.

These things we will find
can change our world.
The one that we deal with
each day.
Our hearts will be blessed
our life force will soar
if we'll just take the time
to help others on the way.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Loving, Living, Letting Go

Have we loved?

Have we
shared ourselves
with others,
given to them
our time
our care
considered their needs
more important than our own.

Have we lived?

Has the manner
of our lives
been honest
allowing others
to trust
and believe
that if we say
we are their for them
we will be.

Have we let go?

Leaving all bitterness
behind us
forgiving and forgetting
the wrongs
others have
formed against us
not holding on to what
does not belong to us.

In the end

Loving, Living and Letting Go
are the things that matter most
in this life
if we wish to be truly happy
with who we are.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spring Brings New Life

We have learned to expect
that the circle of life
would go on forever
and bring us no strife.

But if truth be told
for life to go on
the pains of our growing
will never be gone.

As each spring brings new leaves
and the meadows of flowers
our lives do transform
with an abundance of showers.

Some good and some bad
they just are what they are
and if all we do is fight them
life itself will leave a great scar.

Seeing we can't stop the showers
we need to learn to move on
accepting our new growth
as a seeded new lawn.

It's not always pleasant
and there's no need to be messing
but if we just go with the flow
we'll find life's new blessings.

To Thank a Songstress

How does one thank a songstress ?
Would it be with mere applause?
Or do they deserve so much more
as their song has fueled our cause.

Without her our hearts would be empty.
With no song our words wouldn't flow.
It's a great gift she's bringing with all of her singing
and it's much more than thanks that we owe.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

We Should See With Our Soul

What we see with our mind
can often mislead.
It's not always real,
sometimes just illusion.

Problem is that we see it.
Could our eyes tell us lies?
We then rationalize
to avoid mass confusion.

Our thinking then leads us
down paths made anew.
Trying to weakly explain
what we've seen.

This is where folks just miss it
and the moment's now gone.
We've not let ourselves feel it
the vision's gone as if out through a screen.

It's like poetry or art
which aren't meant for our minds.
But rather our heart,
our very soul.

The beauty's been given us
to be viewed from within.
To cause emotion to flow
make us whole.

Sometimes thinking's the problem
when we see with our minds.
We need to find faith,
learn to trust.

We must open our hearts
and see with our souls
or we'll miss
the wonders before us.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now

After losing an eye
you'd think I'd still cry
why me Lord
this life isn't fair.

As I used to have two
to view sky’s of blue.
Am I being treated
as if God doesn't care?

Felling sorry for self
putting life itself on a shelf
seemed so easy
as if this should be the norm.

But then came the reminding
that each cloud has it's lining.
A silver one
with a lesson to learn.

Although one was gone
I'd have to move on
with a life
that had plenty of purpose.

You see the sky is still as blue
as when I had two
but now
I can see it's shear beauty.

There are flowers and trees
the birds and the bees
I see them all
with a fresh mind.

It's as if there's new light
with a brand new insight
and appreciate
the beauty in all.

Everything is beautiful
in it's own way.
Like the starry summer night,
or a snow-covered winter's day.
And everybody's beautiful
in their own way.
Under God's heaven,
the world's gonna find the way. 
-thank you Ray Stevens-

They're Still in the Streets

Those that do need
are generally looked past
and when help finally does come
they're receiving it last.

For those that do have
their subsidies grow
but for those on the streets
the common answer's been no.

So where can they go
and what can they do
when they're all worn out
like that old abused shoe?

You know they're spread far and wide
throughout our great land.
And the answer's not easy,
still these folks need a hand.

These poor we've had with us
now way far too long
and for a nation as rich as ours
this has been nothing but wrong.

So somehow as a nation
we need to increase our giving
to help get the dirt poor
off the streets where they're living.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Wolf Spirit (Waya Adanvdo)

Wisdom comes forth
Ancient ways are renewed
Yearning to live by his instincts
A Wolf Spirit is born

All of his loyalty
Delivers great generosity
Aware of the pack he is their teacher
Nature has supplied all for his keeping
Vigilant to keep Mother Earth in her balance he is her guardian
Dependent upon his compassion his pack will flourish
Others will find his presence a blessing

He is Wolf Spirit, companion and guardian, leader and teacher.


The man sat alone
with no thoughts of his own
bored, unhappy, depressed.

His life had been wasted
as his mind he had basted
with drugs he'd been told were safe.

Why did he do this,
why take that chance?
Was that one moment for all that he cared?

A moment pf pleasure
forgetting all else
in the end all it left him was empty.

No family

No home




Monday, August 12, 2013

Words of Wisdom

I have some words of wisdom
that never made it to a poem
just something said to make you think
while quiet and alone.

My only hope they'll help someone,
an answer to their question
a nourishment for heart and soul
and innermost digestion.

It's weird today but come what may
these words were meant for sharing
but never the less we'll give our best
as for others we are caring.

Art is For the Heart

Art is for the heart
often boggling a persons mind
they think too much to find intent
leaving them quite blind.

Listening with their ears
seeing only with their eyes
ignoring what they're feeling
while the artist sits and cry’s.

Emotions are his target
he yearns to bless your heart
a gift of healing for your soul
is all he wished to impart.

Must We Live In Mudville?

a place of evil
filled with
holds those weak of mind and spirit
in despair with no hope or
to move toward the light
of eased burdens
it is their
of the unknown
that fosters contempt
for that which is new
bringing with it
a life of

There is no joy in Mudville!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's Wrong With Me

Why do they look,
how is it they stare?
Just what is it they see
of this I'm quite unaware.

They're acting as if
I've got some awful defect.
What's this image I have,
what do I project.

As far as I see it
I'm alright, yeah I'm cool.
So why do they see me
as some kind of fool.

I'm searchin' myself
can't find nuthin' wrong.
I know who I am
what's wrong with this throng.

Somebody then said
“take a look from our side”.
I ignored him and thought
this guy's brain must be fried.

They labeled me arrogant
but I just couldn't see
as watching from inside
I could never agree.

Then one day I looked
from their point of view
and what I saw of myself
I had believed was untrue.

So now does seem
as I look from outside
I need to make changes
inner sight did misguide.

You see sometimes we need
the opinions of others
so we can learn to treat all
as if they were brothers.