Tuesday, October 18, 2016

There is no Free Lunch

An entire gallery of minds eye paintings,
unseen by those who demand spoon feeding.

Mindless entertainment has stolen their ability to think,
to form pictures from their own imaginings,
to experience adventures where they've not been led.

The path beyond the bramble will never be found
if a traveler refuses to work their way through the thorns.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Brothers of Respect

Though we may disagree, it matters not
brothers of respect for others is what we are,
or at least should be
there are times we are tried
the line becomes thin
we question whether each other is deserving
our show of respect vanishes
these are the times that our demons win
these are the times our humanity suffers
these are the times we should be ashamed of ourselves
without that show of respect
we become politicians 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Defect Detector

Long has he lived
Finding fault as his aim
You see he was quite lonely
At the start just a game
A new target he'd choose
For every new session
But as his game progressed
It became his obsession
Well now he can't stop
He's grown a negative mind
And everywhere that he looks
The more mistakes does he find
There's become nothing of beauty
In his life there's no joy
Now he wishes he'd never
Begun this game as a boy

Sunday, August 28, 2016


It is not your glow dear lamp of the night,
but your tidal draw upon my mind that keeps me from my rest.
You have made of me a lunatic.
Driven me into the night to howl with the dogs.
The hair upon my neck bristles, sweat drips from my brow.
My breath quickens along with the beat of my heart.
How can you in such beauty deliver so much trouble?


The dense smoke hides the sun.
Now enveloped in this darkness
I am alone, yet
there is no peace.
Wars ravish the lands,
innocents continue to die.
Is the flexing of muscle
and the want for riches
really worth the lives of children?

Sunday, August 21, 2016

From the Pumpkin - my first attempt at surrealistic poetry

I stepped from the pumpkin,
found the sky to be littered.
There were bright shiny stars,
they surrounded the sun.
It was a moon shadow following me
as I walked above the clouds.

I watched the airplanes,
funny how they flew backwards.
I wondered which way the people were seated.
Do they realize that they are going
where they came from.

To ask would be so impolite
and an admission
of my weak understanding
of this new day.

Life is play!

Then I thought of
Little Big Man.
Oh how he could ride.

The people in the plane
smiled at me,
all at once.
It was as if on cue.

I checked my fly.

Wanting to return inside the pumpkin
I made an about face
and in its place
I saw a whale leap down
from the surface of the sea above me.
He beckoned for me to enter
and then promised,
I would find what I was searching for within.

There was a tree
with a small stream running beside it.
I sat with my back against it,
fell asleep
and dreamed of a world at peace.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Men in Black

Dressed in all black
with their masks and dark shades
SWAT's looking like ISIS
when making their raids

While officer friedly
that man we should trust
has followed SWATs lead
and hardened their crust

I hate that black costume
that militant look
and that crime's got so bad
that they've changed the play book

Yes I long for the days
when they were men in blue
with the job of protection
of both me and you

But those days are now gone
with little chance of return
what a shame, it's like war
while it's for peace that I yearn

Perfect Clarity

Perfect clarity, demanded!
A picture so detailed
that only one interpretation
can be presented.
Only one viewpoint seen.

The mind has no work to do.

The eyes and ears receive art
as if into a mossy pond.
A deadpool that has no ability
to process and apply its purpose
to a personal need.

The stagnant mind grows lazy.

Perfect clarity
is for instructions.
For men to grow,
for them to appreciate life,
they must be inspired to think.

Inspiration does not come from stagnation!


not tomorrow
is what we've been given
what we do with it will matter
as it's the only life we'll be livin'
I wish to enjoy each new day
my purpose at this point
I will live for


to kick against pricks
wounds the soul
reduces a man
to less than whole

he knows not his folley
when anger and rage
come to the surface
and take center stage

to argue and bicker
while emotions run wild
this loss of control
is the sign of a child

Where's That Better Tomorrow

The evening upon me
so tired
beat to a frazzle
the days toil has taken its toll

We've all been there
at times barely surviving
our minds unable to focus
it becomes time to retire
will there ever be a better tomorrow

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


His mind was closed,
he would not see.
The hours we spent arguing.
they never made a difference.
Finally I walked away.
I went to have a heart to heart with myself.
It was then that I found
that I was he
and he was me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


a polite society
violence on the rise
the more we are armed
more meet their demise

they want open carry
claim it's a right
what it really does
is bring the public more fright

how can we tell
if they're a good guy or bad
more death on the streets
more families grow sad

but we're told
it ain't the guns
it's just fools
havin' fun

then they fight regulation
that the constitution has called for
making the streets that more dangerous
and blood runs up the score

but it's really not about guns
it is stupid people
and there's no cure for stupid
when the NRA is their steeple

Friday, July 8, 2016

The Battle Field has Come Home

This armed America
the one they told us
would be a polite society
when all carry weapons

our cities
they've become killing fields
we as a people
have become the worst of all animals

officers taking lives
claiming they fear for their own
snipers now returning the favor
as they fear the police

it seems as the road towards that polite society
has become paved with the dead
merely bricks mortered in place
with their blood

will we be seeing fewer combatants
as the body count rises
or are the re-enforcements
on their way

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Sitting amongst his friends
alone in his bunker
beans and rice
cases of water
a geneator and cans of gas
shotguns, hand guns
assault weapons
all with ammo to fit
prepared for the worst
not realizing
he is living
in a self made prison
one brought on by unwarrented fear
he's exercized his second amendment rights
but his freedom has disappeared

Thursday, June 16, 2016

An Unwelcome Guest

The door was opened.
Yesterday stood before me,
baggage in hand.
Visions of my past came in droves
ripping away my peace .
Leaving me with new turmoil.

Difficult lessons of my life,
I'd learned from them.
Became a better man for them.
Now hounding me.
Why must I relive these moments?
They only weaken my spirit
and chase me back into a depressed state.
One that I had thought I had long gotten over.
They bring nothing but pain.

Yesterday shall not be allowed to move in.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Tide

You cannot turn the tide,
you must wait for it to recede.
It is then that you will find
its treasure or its turmoil,
and only then will you be able
to decide on your next step.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It Could Be Once in a Life

The eyes hurt.
I so want to close them.
Yet I will suffer the pain
rather than miss the beauty before me.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Today's Road is for Traveling

As I travel the road
I think of the places it has taken me
the people I have met
it was long ago and it was yesterday
now it continues before me
where it leads
who I'll meet
these are the mysteries
that will be revealed tomorrow


I have eaten and my belly is filled
yet the sweet and savory flavors remain
my taste buds beg for more
so I surrender and continue to eat
my satisfaction had brought so much joy
but now the pain begins to grow in my gut
how foolish my over indulgence has become

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Hello darkness
thank you sleep
how wonderful the two of you are.
The pain brought me by the harsh light of day,
finally being eased.
I've long accepted the blindness
but the pressure,
the burning,
there is no getting used to them.
It is your touch darkness
that helps free me from the anguish.
Today has been so hard on my eyes.
Maybe tomorrow will be easier.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Ne'er-do-well, why do you sit?
Do your feet not hold your weight,
are your hands incapable of work?
Have you given up entirely,
resigned yourself to a life in the gutter?
There is a warm belly in a days toil
and self worth when it is of your own making.

Monday, May 2, 2016


This fear of the unknown,
unwarranted, yet it resides deep within me.
Why am I afraid to live in this moment?
I shrink at the thought of the next,
what tomorrow might bring me.
My future seen through this negative mindset
leaves my mind weak and spirit broken.
My emotions out of control.
Days wasted, worrying of things that haven't
and may never happen.
My life, empty of peace.
Every moment given away
waiting on the worst to present itself.
My negative thoughts
have brought a sickness to my heart
and death to my spirit.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Within the Box

Man, placed in a box of rules.
Tolerated as long as he behaves
and doesn't wander outside.
His growth limited by its walls
with no room to add anything that might be new.

Is the world afraid
to have a new dessert,
one that may tickle the tastes
of those who see themselves as inmates?

Bound within this box,
their faith and beliefs are squashed.
The box dwellers are deprived
of their choice and preference of their own
likes, dislikes and that which makes them who they are.
Their individualism stolen.
Their personal freedom denied.
Their voices silenced by a sound proofing
created by the approval or disapproval of the elder.

There is no freedom within the box
when forced to live by another mans creed.

Friday, April 22, 2016

So What

So what
enormous words
those of a childs tantrum
when words are not to their liking
so what becomes the argument of choice
a sign that they have not matured
respect is never gained
using the words
so what

Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Garden, Gone

There's no turning back as the garden is gone
the blue marble has had its day
raped of her resources
Trees and grasses, the rain forests disappearing

The ozone rent
carbon dioxide
not being converted into oxygen
not at a sufficient rate to support life as we knew it

The ice caps melting
the lands receding for the rising seas
weather patterns being disrupted
natural disasters bringing men to their knees

Man pit against neighbor for survival
and must now accept his fate
as he has waited too long to turn the tide
from his own extinction

It will arrive sooner than the hoped for later

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wall Street

My socks they have grown their own feet
They had said that the dog would be sweet
But there's been no relief
As she's turned into a thief
And that is why I have named her Wall Street

Saturday, April 9, 2016


they come for our boys with their lies
their treatment as toys I despise
then with their last breath
our young men enter death
no more than pawns in the war mongers eyes

fade to black

hearts cold
filled with a loneliness
delivered by abandonment

thoughts muddled
with an uncertainty
of a blinded minds eye

spirits descend
to places far more dangerous
than the hell that took them there

once all becomes black
there is little chance to return
from the depth of depression

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Keep Walking

The heart of the peacemaker
it'll will never be heard
there is no profit in peace
the greed of the hawks is far too great
they will never let loose of their cash-cow
so why do we continue to speak
why do we write poems for peace
when we know we preaching to the chior
if it weren't for our own sanity
I fear we would give up altogether
our words would dissappear
there would be no-one left saying
“there's a better way than war”
but a heart grown cold
it would only helpo to feed the evil
maybe if we could change one mind
one heart
turn one away from spoils of war
it would be a step
I guess that's why we keep walking

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Lie

Young men dead and dismembered
for control of oil fields
the lie of Iraq

More youth dead and disabled
protecting the poppy fields
the lie of Afghanistan

We are sacrificing our soldiers
to ensure the freedom of their people
the lie of the nation

Monday, April 4, 2016


Serving the whores
our boys off to wars
returning disabled
from far distant shores

That's when they come home
fatigued to the bone
no sign of support
and they feel all alone

Now as if a young whelp
and begging for help
there's no answer delivered
to this loud screeching yelp

Where is our country
who've sent our children to die
then abandon the veterans
can someone please tell me why

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools

April fools
Trump and Cruz
it's you the public
they wish to use

Their greed for power
grows with each hour
and so many grown men
begin to cower

It's becoming quite clear
by those who draw near
these fools want to rule
through the use of fear

Monday, March 28, 2016

Feeding Time

Tid-bits of fish food
sprinkled on the surface
bottom feeders ascend


Narcissistic superiority
demanding respect
receiving none
as it has not been earned

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Old Age

Old age
a state of mind
when to that which is new
a man becomes blind
a body may age
but one thing I find
if you're still young at heart
your life's really shined

Friday, March 25, 2016

So Tired

I've been told it will be OK
that we'll be safe once again
I sit and question when
my hope squashed daily

driven by misguided fundamentalists
resident evil shouting out loud
through a hail of bullets
and the explosive vests of suicide bombers
will the time ever arrive
freedom from the terrorists
seems only a dream

sparked by the prejudice of the ignorant
leaving death and pain in its wake
another evil that lives next door
these bigots seem bent on attempting genocide
the eradication of anyone who is not exactly like them
is building a master race their wish
I was taught that those days were behind us
told it could never happen again
especially in this US of A
yet that is the political stage that we find before us
it never seems to get any better

I ask again
when will we be safe again
will there come a time men will respect each other
allow others to practice their own religious beliefs
without the ridicule
will the day come when men will put hate aside
a day they will share kindness rather than abuse
I dream of that day
but the wait
so tired

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Come Sit

Times may be many
where things might not go my way
but that will never be reason
to hold my children at bay
it's a love like no other
they're my babies you see
I just hope that they realize
I've still got a strong healthy knee
come sit on my lap
let me hold you once more
and whether you're coming or going
there will be a hug at the door

Friday, March 4, 2016

Write On

Does poetry really depend on new ideas
fresh words concerning the nature of lives

Haven't the ideas with their words
all been presented

Throughout time, in one form or another
the stories all been told

Do we really think we have created something new
something original
by changing names and places

The expressions used changed
and repeated time and again

Then labelled as cliché
as some have recognized the story

There is nothing new

Nothing purely original

It is all cliché to someone

If new and original are the requirements
and it's all been said

Then poetry is dead

Write on
share your heart
and though it's been said
tell your story

Somebody needs to hear it again

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


One eye blind
self pity grows
with each day

One eye remains
true beauty seen
for the first time

Tuesday, March 1, 2016


life will not wait
not for my decision
what it brings me
will be what it is

a day of joy
bright and cheery
a day of sorrow
dark and dreary

I have no choice
no control

those of joy
when they come
they're wonderful
I feel all is well
I see myself
on top of the world

those of sorrow
as if from nowhere
they appear
leaving me sad
feeling buried
beneath my troubles
no way to rise
not from the spiritual grave
that they dig for me

where is the escape
promised from my youth

where I wonder
is that silver lining
that easement
that is supposed to come
with the storms

my search only leaves darkness
the deep grey of a clouded heart
while the comfort is there
being hidden by my expectations
rather than received through acceptance

Sunday, February 28, 2016

he said, but he said

the game of symantics
the war of the words
participants battling
wielding their swords

the problem with english
too much means the same
with neither man wrong

it's our language to blame


my eyes as I watch its dance
my ears as I listen to its song
my heart as I celebrate my place in it
all blessed by natures beauty

Friday, February 26, 2016

No Winners

cities destroyed
roads covered in blood
trails of the dead
no-one remains untouched
nightmares haunt those who survive
the last man standing
wins nothing

Monday, February 22, 2016


I don't care, so what
the arguments of a child
let them remain blind

Thursday, February 11, 2016

They close their minds, only for a moment and our peace is gone

They close their minds 
to that which they do not choose to understand
cover their eyes 
to that which they do not want to see
shut their ears
to that which they do not wish to hear
they refuse to accept
there are other cultures holding different beliefs
they deny that there are other schools of thought
with other closed minded people who also believe
their own ways are the only way to live

peace will not be found 
until all eyes are open
all ears are willing
and the minds of men are opened

to the fact that they are not alone

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Who are They

The world is filled with those who would steal your joy
their hearts are cold
all of life, every facet of it
must be completely serious
there is no room for fun in their lives

I first saw them as having cheated themselves out of life
but in truth it is not their fault
it is the bitterness they were raised under
their being kept under anothers thumb their entire lives
that's made them this way

How can we actually blame them
for what they've been taught
for what their parents and schools
have instilled in their minds
they know nothing but the rules that must be followed

To watch another step outside of those rules
to see them live their lives differently
to view others experiencing joy and happiness
only offers them great irritation in their gut
but all they know of jealousy is the definition of the word

You see, definitions are within the rules
feelings are not
feelings and emotions are to them
a weakness
something they have been taught has no place in life

I'm sure that I will be asked who are they
and I will answer an entire colony of meerkats
but if they actually need to ask
if they really want to know
their answer will best be found in a mirror

Monday, February 8, 2016

Silent Times Bring Gold - rewritten

The quiet times, alone in the beautiful morning silence. There is that wheezing cat, she's a fat one always there beside me but otherwise, alone and taking in a little my time.

It seems as though it is these types of moments that my thoughts turn to memories of earlier days. They come on their own. Good and bad both drift in and out but the good ones seldom hang on long enough for me to enjoy the positivity of their building blocks. Those good times brought many positive lessons which helped to shape me into who I am today. They seem to drift off quickly though allowing the negative moments to creep in.

These negative moments, these bad time of my life, they stay in my mind so much longer. It's funny how they can enter not only during the quiet moments but often are present reminding me that they existed and that they too had an influence on who I was becoming all along the way.

Today, I look at these negative times as valuable lessons learned. My guess is that they stay with me longer so that the lesson they had taught me might keep me from repeating the mistakes I had made on the way. If I am going to make new mistakes, they need to bring fresh lessons.

Although I have no wish to relive or even think about the the bad times of life, it seems as they do a great service. I probably should be grateful to them as they tend to motivate me to do better and offer a more acceptible behavior in my daily life.

Seems hard to argue that moving away from the bad moments, not reliving them isn't a good direction to take. Like I've said, I don't even want to think about reliving the moments that brought the negative side of me.

Anyway, moving away from the negative and concentrating on the positive side of life has helped me to appreciate what I've learned. The importance of not pushing a negative attitude out in front of me and at least attempt to share a little happiness with others. People just don't need to have to face the ugliness of a negative attitude at every turn as they try to make it through their day. I guess I must have been paying a little bit of attention to how bad the negative memories effected how I felt and saw now reason to spread it around. It all opened me up to view life from a whole different perspective.

Taking it all down to the bottom line though, I think that it was the negative lesson were the most important and the memories of the hard time are the things that keep me on a road of wanting to make a difference for others.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thar She Blows

The morning sun
edges its way over the eastern horizon
she begins her daily chore
that of heating of the earth
the air above begins to warm
a thermal is created
a column of warm air
rising high
leaving a void below
cool air rushs in
filling the vacuum
they say the wind blows
while in truth
it really sucks

Seeking the End

Adrift for days
which had turned into weeks
The current had vanished
and the winds
they had been taken from his sails
It was as if he was being held prisoner by the sea

Baked by a mercilous sun during the day
and feeling frozen at night
his hope had joined the currents and the wind
Another day of the same would only bring more pain

Yet the days continued to come
Each one bringing more of the tortuous rays of the sun

His eyes had been dried
unable to produce the badly needed tears
to relieve them

His skin damaged
The sea water which had helped to cool him
no longer brought relief
instead the salt produced prolonged burning

The eagerness of those first days to survive was gone
In his heart he knew that only death would bring an end
to the suffering

Thursday, February 4, 2016


The journey at first
seemed to be taking forever
now the miles fly by
I'm not sure where
or for that matter
how it will end
but it's been great
I think I'll celebrate today

Sunday, January 31, 2016


without the rains
allows the land to dry
without the water nothing grows
winds begin to strip away the topsoil
important are the storms of life
true joy will not be known
with nothing but

Saturday, January 30, 2016

To Love

To love
how wonderful
your heart filled to the brim
joy flowing as a babbling brook
bubbles disguising the danger to love
a flood of lust leaves emptiness
your heart becomes a hole
ever so hard
to love

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Trash Day

His favorite toy
brought great joy for a season
but its day had now come
now no more than an object
the next stop would be the landfill
the day they met
he pledged his love as true
but this love was lust in disquise
and his favorite toy
she sits by the curb on trash day

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Sky is Green

The sky now blue
the warmth returning
springtime has come
leaving the cold of winter behind
the trees bring forth new buds
giving life to new leaves
the leaves fill the trees
and my eyes and mind now drawn
to the wonder of natures ability
to turn the sky green

Crayons Were Meant to be Free

I colored within the lines
my picture seemed so dull
my work held no adventure

My spirit is held in Limbo

My freedom of expression
my personal taste
frowned upon

Must I lie to myself

The rulemakers say
if I am to have their approval
I must continue to follow their rules

Do I not have a right to approve of myself

If I am to live within a prison
it will not be of their making
it will be the one I choose for myself

It's time to set my crayons free

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Nights were long, days were dark
minutes seemed more like hours
yet in my dreams there was a place
with magic healing powers

The travel would not be easy
the mountains they'll be steep
I imagine there'll be a price to pay
which I know will not be cheap

But here I am, I've made the trek
it's time to pay the price
but now that I know how much it costs
I will not make it twice

This place has brought me heartache
it's delivered so much grief
I wish I'd known when I first came
it was owned by the spirit thief

He was there to steal my happiness
I had soon become his toy
but like all new toys, he tired of me
and he robbed me of my joy

Now life plods on
who cares how I feel
those damn dreams of magic
they're never real

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cold Stones of Castle Walls

I built my walls
dug my moat
they will not be breached
for if I were to open the doors
to trust any from outside them
the assault might prove more than I could handle
but it is cold here in my stone castle
at times I feel imprisoned
how could I again give my heart to another

Thursday, January 14, 2016


My stone of disrespect was always at the ready

The stones of prejudice and bigotry were my tools

I have thrown that stone of anger

And the stone of bitterness then weighed me down

While the stone of hate destroyed me

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


such a special beauty arrives with her.
My cat and I sit quietly watching the feeder,
the one that's just outside the window.
I guess you could considerate this
one of natures most watched shows.

So many different types of birds are visiting this morning.
Flying in and out,
being nourished by our seed.
Well, it's really their seed.
A little help for their survival,
or is it for our entertainment?
Which ever, the cold days and nights
those that come with winter
do require a little more body heat than the other seasons.

Trying to tell the difference between different sparrows
now that's tough.
The finches, they're somewhat easier.
At first the chickadee and the nuthatch with their similar coloring
brought a little confusion.
It didn't take long to learn the difference though.
But when the red bird arrives we both pay special attention.
I've always understood them to be
well, quite territorial.
Yet here are two of the males and a female
all feeding together
without the males arguing.

Men, if they wanted to could learn a lesson from these birds.
Even when times provide the least
there can still be enough to share.
We can all to eat together in peace.

At least that's the case until the bully bird comes along.
Seems as when that blue jay comes in everybody scatters,
he takes what he wants when he wants it.

But you know something
those birds who prefer to feed on the ground.
They have a debt to pay to him.
He certainly does knock a lot of seed to the ground.

He was just here,
I guess it's time to refill the feeder. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So Soft, So Hopeful

Soft music
filling the early hours
it brings me peace
but also a sadness
a sadness that we live in a world
consumed by an attitude of violence
people who think
“I will have closure through revenge”

I am sad for those who hold an attitude of
returning in kind
wrongs they feel have been done to them

Revenge may bring
a certain satisfaction in their minds
but never peace to their spirit
the mind reminds them of the hurt they hold
their heart grows bitter
it is the vengeance that keeps them hurting

Forgiveness is their escape
but they fear forgiving will
allow a repeat of the moment that brought the hurt
that the offender may believe that it's alright with you
but the forgiveness is not for them
it is a letting go of all that has caused your hurt
and robbed you of your happiness
forgiveness is for you

Damn, that music is so important to me
but then, so is my hope that one day
the attitude of violence
will disappear from the face of the earth

Color Well

So many crayons
Colors chosen fill the lines
My past in the books


The cloud entered
along with it rain
a time full of trouble
filled with sorrow and pain.

Heartache and tears
filling my days
stealing my joy
in so many ways.

The days became long
as if with no ends
it was an awful aloneness
as if without friends.

But true friends did exist
helping me make each tomorrow
till that cloud did move on
and ease this deep sorrow.

Well the new day brought hope
as the Son warmed my soul
my heart finally was healed
and once again I felt whole.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Food of Life

I drank in new life
my voice found
cried out simply to be fed
food for my bellies
activity to build my body
knowledge to nourish my mind

The feeding
often sweet
delivered times filled
with wonderful moments
and marvelous people

There were times the flavor
left a bitter taste
a feeling of aloness crept in
a time where I felt nobody cared
whether I was alive or in the grave
backs turned toward me

such a lonely place
empty of the one most important food

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


I looked upon the spot where that old tree stood
So many memories of days spent in her shadow return to me
The relief from the cruel sun of summer
The moments of relaxation lying in her shade
The changes as the seasons came and then passed
Green leaves gave way to the colors
The colors disappeared leaving the beauty of the branches behind
Snow and ice took their turns visiting
How the ice would shine
It was as if my tree was covered with diamonds
Then the thaw
The budding
The new leaves
And the shade would once again return
We had many a picnic under that tree
There came a year where the bud did not return
then a second year
But now she's gone
She is no more
Now I am warmed by her
As I rest watching the glow in the fireplace
And the shadow she casts
Contains fond memories

Monday, January 4, 2016

Rockets or Rhetoric

Tearing down nations
there's more than one way
from the outside or in
it's the game that they play

There are times they use rockets
that kill folks where they land
other times it's the rhetoric
that bury their own under sand

Whether rockets or rhetoric
in this game politic
it's the innocent who suffer
our leaders are thick as a brick