Sunday, February 28, 2016

he said, but he said

the game of symantics
the war of the words
participants battling
wielding their swords

the problem with english
too much means the same
with neither man wrong

it's our language to blame


my eyes as I watch its dance
my ears as I listen to its song
my heart as I celebrate my place in it
all blessed by natures beauty

Friday, February 26, 2016

No Winners

cities destroyed
roads covered in blood
trails of the dead
no-one remains untouched
nightmares haunt those who survive
the last man standing
wins nothing

Monday, February 22, 2016


I don't care, so what
the arguments of a child
let them remain blind

Thursday, February 11, 2016

They close their minds, only for a moment and our peace is gone

They close their minds 
to that which they do not choose to understand
cover their eyes 
to that which they do not want to see
shut their ears
to that which they do not wish to hear
they refuse to accept
there are other cultures holding different beliefs
they deny that there are other schools of thought
with other closed minded people who also believe
their own ways are the only way to live

peace will not be found 
until all eyes are open
all ears are willing
and the minds of men are opened

to the fact that they are not alone

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Who are They

The world is filled with those who would steal your joy
their hearts are cold
all of life, every facet of it
must be completely serious
there is no room for fun in their lives

I first saw them as having cheated themselves out of life
but in truth it is not their fault
it is the bitterness they were raised under
their being kept under anothers thumb their entire lives
that's made them this way

How can we actually blame them
for what they've been taught
for what their parents and schools
have instilled in their minds
they know nothing but the rules that must be followed

To watch another step outside of those rules
to see them live their lives differently
to view others experiencing joy and happiness
only offers them great irritation in their gut
but all they know of jealousy is the definition of the word

You see, definitions are within the rules
feelings are not
feelings and emotions are to them
a weakness
something they have been taught has no place in life

I'm sure that I will be asked who are they
and I will answer an entire colony of meerkats
but if they actually need to ask
if they really want to know
their answer will best be found in a mirror

Monday, February 8, 2016

Silent Times Bring Gold - rewritten

The quiet times, alone in the beautiful morning silence. There is that wheezing cat, she's a fat one always there beside me but otherwise, alone and taking in a little my time.

It seems as though it is these types of moments that my thoughts turn to memories of earlier days. They come on their own. Good and bad both drift in and out but the good ones seldom hang on long enough for me to enjoy the positivity of their building blocks. Those good times brought many positive lessons which helped to shape me into who I am today. They seem to drift off quickly though allowing the negative moments to creep in.

These negative moments, these bad time of my life, they stay in my mind so much longer. It's funny how they can enter not only during the quiet moments but often are present reminding me that they existed and that they too had an influence on who I was becoming all along the way.

Today, I look at these negative times as valuable lessons learned. My guess is that they stay with me longer so that the lesson they had taught me might keep me from repeating the mistakes I had made on the way. If I am going to make new mistakes, they need to bring fresh lessons.

Although I have no wish to relive or even think about the the bad times of life, it seems as they do a great service. I probably should be grateful to them as they tend to motivate me to do better and offer a more acceptible behavior in my daily life.

Seems hard to argue that moving away from the bad moments, not reliving them isn't a good direction to take. Like I've said, I don't even want to think about reliving the moments that brought the negative side of me.

Anyway, moving away from the negative and concentrating on the positive side of life has helped me to appreciate what I've learned. The importance of not pushing a negative attitude out in front of me and at least attempt to share a little happiness with others. People just don't need to have to face the ugliness of a negative attitude at every turn as they try to make it through their day. I guess I must have been paying a little bit of attention to how bad the negative memories effected how I felt and saw now reason to spread it around. It all opened me up to view life from a whole different perspective.

Taking it all down to the bottom line though, I think that it was the negative lesson were the most important and the memories of the hard time are the things that keep me on a road of wanting to make a difference for others.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thar She Blows

The morning sun
edges its way over the eastern horizon
she begins her daily chore
that of heating of the earth
the air above begins to warm
a thermal is created
a column of warm air
rising high
leaving a void below
cool air rushs in
filling the vacuum
they say the wind blows
while in truth
it really sucks

Seeking the End

Adrift for days
which had turned into weeks
The current had vanished
and the winds
they had been taken from his sails
It was as if he was being held prisoner by the sea

Baked by a mercilous sun during the day
and feeling frozen at night
his hope had joined the currents and the wind
Another day of the same would only bring more pain

Yet the days continued to come
Each one bringing more of the tortuous rays of the sun

His eyes had been dried
unable to produce the badly needed tears
to relieve them

His skin damaged
The sea water which had helped to cool him
no longer brought relief
instead the salt produced prolonged burning

The eagerness of those first days to survive was gone
In his heart he knew that only death would bring an end
to the suffering

Thursday, February 4, 2016


The journey at first
seemed to be taking forever
now the miles fly by
I'm not sure where
or for that matter
how it will end
but it's been great
I think I'll celebrate today