Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Who are They

The world is filled with those who would steal your joy
their hearts are cold
all of life, every facet of it
must be completely serious
there is no room for fun in their lives

I first saw them as having cheated themselves out of life
but in truth it is not their fault
it is the bitterness they were raised under
their being kept under anothers thumb their entire lives
that's made them this way

How can we actually blame them
for what they've been taught
for what their parents and schools
have instilled in their minds
they know nothing but the rules that must be followed

To watch another step outside of those rules
to see them live their lives differently
to view others experiencing joy and happiness
only offers them great irritation in their gut
but all they know of jealousy is the definition of the word

You see, definitions are within the rules
feelings are not
feelings and emotions are to them
a weakness
something they have been taught has no place in life

I'm sure that I will be asked who are they
and I will answer an entire colony of meerkats
but if they actually need to ask
if they really want to know
their answer will best be found in a mirror

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