Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Time Lost

The time that was lost
delivered its cost
the pain it brought
covered my heart with a frost

This life never fair
others they stare
it's sack cloth and ashes
this garment I wear

They watch as I cry
not one caring why
they all think that I'm crazy
why must children die

So now while I mourn
and sit here forlorn
I have one giant question
why the hell were we born

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No Longer Estranged

Birds bring me news of an approaching storm
thunder has announced its arrival
the refreshing droplets of liquid life grace the land
an orchestra begins a symphony of life
raindrops upon the roof offer comfort
the sound I hear as nature delivers its song
is like the plucking of the strings of a sanshin
the traditional music of Okinawa now remembered
I am taken back to the time I spent in Naha
I was young then
I had no appreciation for the cherry blossoms
their beauty meant little to me
I had no real understanding of life
nor of the importance of peace of mind
and spirit
now older
my heart is ready to accept the natural order of life
I revel in all that it has to offer
if it is true that we came from dirt
and unto dirt we shall return
then it is not news that I and the Earth are one
it is that we are no longer estranged

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Needless Worry

I'm worried, oh dear
now what will I do
my neighbor lost his house
next week it might be mine too

But I've paid all my bills
while he never paid his
but they could still come
my mind's all a friz

They could take it for taxes
but I know I paid those
yet here I sit and still worry
did my house properly close

Could it be that the realtor
had no right to sell
does it make my house stolen
am I going to hell

Why does this happen
I know I've done this before
worrying myself sick
of problems not at my door

I've got my own problems
and now they're ten fold
as I needlessly worry
over things I have no control

Monday, June 15, 2015

Mourning Has Arrived

Mourning has arrived
the sun has yet to burn through the clouds of sorrow
fond memories of the departed have brought the occasional smile
as days move on
the memories will bring more smiles
his smile
his joyful demeanor
will live on in the hearts of those who knew him
the sun will find its way through that cloud that holds our hearts
bringing with it the joy of knowing him
renewing to our spirits
he will live on in our hearts forever
rest in peace Ura

The War Monger

A new war had begun
against the war monger
finally sentenced to death
he couldn't hide any longer

His fear now a crippler
sent the man to his knees
begging for mercy
spare my life please

I'm not ready for death
I want to live longer
how could I have been so wrong
to be a war monger

All of those lives
all these dead boys
I promise I'll change
no longer treat them as toys

The collateral damage
I thought not my fault
the women and children
so many dead in the vault

Again I do beg you
spare my life please
what more do you want
I'm here on my knees

Yet the truth of the matter
except for his fear
his begging for mercy
is something we'd never hear

He'd go on making money
by sending others to war
showing all who he is
a war mongering whore

Sunday, June 14, 2015


There is an unwarranted fear of the unknown
that resides deep within men
who are afraid to live in the moment

They cower at the thought
of what tomorrow may bring
they look not to a bright future
of a positive nature

Weak of mind and spirit
they have no control of their emotions
their worry becomes an interest paid
to an event that has not happened yet
and could possibly never happen at all

They waste their days
without peace of mind, heart and soul
every moment given away
waiting on the worst to present itself

The negative heart
delivers illness and death
to more than a mans spirit

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

To Lift A Man's Spirit

How can he be lifted
from down in the gutter
his spirit so quiet
barely a mutter

Within him he's crying
ever depressed
his needs if you meet them
he might be impressed

But you can't meet those needs
when words are your tool
as he'll simply ignore them
believing you're quite the fool

To provide for his body
restoring his health
he may once again feel human
and in itself, that is wealth

In saving his body
making that whole
you can renew his spirit
a quite worthy goal

Monday, June 8, 2015

The Dreams of The Heart

In our minds we find questions
they're good for the learning
but to live life to it's fullest
our hearts should be burning.

They say all work and no play
makes Jack a dull boy
as he's never chased his hearts dream
and that's robbed him of joy.

Yes to think is important
but to love so much more
discover the dreams of your heart
there's so much to explore.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

It Will Be in Their Eyes

When their smiling eyes
have too soon left
it's oft of real love
that they've been bereft.

For the eyes they say
will show you their soul
and if that smile is missing
they are no longer whole.

Give to them your heart
show that you truly care
then maybe, just maybe
a new smile they might wear.

With their spirit now lifted
they may gain renewed hope
and at least for today
be able to cope.

It's a day by day struggle
that can be eased for a while
you can help them feel human
when you give them a smile.

Yes you can make a difference
and there will be a great prize
it's that smile of their own
that will be in their eyes.

Friday, June 5, 2015

The Individual

The individual
not the sheep
thinks for himself
with no lost sleep

Secure in himself
approval not needed
what an advantage
of a life that's well seeded

To be raised as a person
with a mind of their own
rather than sat in a pile
as just one more stone

for none are the same
all have different needs
and to be the best us
we must have individual seeds

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Success Is Not Money

The speaker had said
“success is not money”
and for some strange reason
the hearers thought this was funny

Then his words went unheard
future sadness he could have rid
and they were missing this message
as ignore him they did

You'll find success in your joy
which money can't buy
it's found deep in your heart
like you were a boy

The days filled with fun
the games played with your friends
I know, I know
that's not a means to an end

Yes I know we must work
to provide for our needs
but there's no happiness in it
when it's to further our greed

When there's never enough
and we always want more
we're not satisfied
and behind in lifes score

Thing is life is for living
enjoying our days
however they come
in so many strange ways

Whether with family or friends
or at the job site
it's happiness that's important
you must know this to be right

Though the statements I made
may seem kind of funny
the truth is success is much more
than accumulated money

The Mineral Drip Has Dried Up

From above
they held strong
their mineral drip
fed those beneath
their strength was shared
building both
they came together
a bond was made
they became one
now a pillar
that would withstand
the ages

Capitalism only works
when the rich
mimic the stalactite

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Shoes of a Fool

They come upon me
with all their hate
believing that
their words are great

Did they not understand
what they would find
was an argument
with words in kind

It's for the pain they cause
I will return
choice words of my own
in hopes they'll burn

But after the fight
I sit and reflect
I've made things worse
with my neglect

Through my retort
how did I not know
I was reducing myself
to their level so low

Yes he was a fool
but now there are two
by my decision to argue
I stepped in his shoes

Monday, June 1, 2015

There is Life in the Light

When a heart
is filled with fire
fueled by bitterness
there's no peace to be found
no music to dance to
no joy to bring laughter
only darkness

Flowers of the field
turn toward the light
for they recognize
that in the presence
of this darkness
spirits whither
and die