Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No Longer Estranged

Birds bring me news of an approaching storm
thunder has announced its arrival
the refreshing droplets of liquid life grace the land
an orchestra begins a symphony of life
raindrops upon the roof offer comfort
the sound I hear as nature delivers its song
is like the plucking of the strings of a sanshin
the traditional music of Okinawa now remembered
I am taken back to the time I spent in Naha
I was young then
I had no appreciation for the cherry blossoms
their beauty meant little to me
I had no real understanding of life
nor of the importance of peace of mind
and spirit
now older
my heart is ready to accept the natural order of life
I revel in all that it has to offer
if it is true that we came from dirt
and unto dirt we shall return
then it is not news that I and the Earth are one
it is that we are no longer estranged

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