Monday, June 15, 2015

The War Monger

A new war had begun
against the war monger
finally sentenced to death
he couldn't hide any longer

His fear now a crippler
sent the man to his knees
begging for mercy
spare my life please

I'm not ready for death
I want to live longer
how could I have been so wrong
to be a war monger

All of those lives
all these dead boys
I promise I'll change
no longer treat them as toys

The collateral damage
I thought not my fault
the women and children
so many dead in the vault

Again I do beg you
spare my life please
what more do you want
I'm here on my knees

Yet the truth of the matter
except for his fear
his begging for mercy
is something we'd never hear

He'd go on making money
by sending others to war
showing all who he is
a war mongering whore

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