Sunday, October 14, 2012

Rainy Day Golf

Once upon a day so dreary
I'm feelin' oh so tired an' weary.

It's been rainin' for three nights and days
keepin' me from golf an' play.

Don't know what tomorrow will bring
as I clean my clubs an' golfin' things.

The wife, I'm getting' on her last nerve
givin' help she don't want but does deserve.

Now don't get me wrong, we got lotsa love
but when I'm hangin' round like this she needs help from above.

She says take off get outta the way
go find a game in the rain you can play.

But it's golf that I love, you all know about that
so I take the umbrella and find that rain hat.

Then I take off to play knowin' full well I'll get wet
but it's better'n argue'n yep now that's a good bet.

With a nose that starts drippin' an' shoes that are soaked
I'm playin' my golf, oh man am I stoked.

Got no care in the world today about score
an' with nobody else out here won't have to yell fore.

So I finish my round and I had some great fun
it's my wife I should thank as this day's a homerun.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Golf In The Fall

When living up north
and golf is your game
when fall comes about
nothing at all seems the same.

The trees change their colors
they're a site to be seen
the beauty you witness
is almost obscene.

But we have a real drawback
to golf in the fall
it's the leaves on the fairways
that are hiding your ball.

The ball seems to vanish
even with a straight shot
making the search last for hours
leaving you quite distraught.

Now wait, there is more
if you do reach the green
the leaves they are there too
it's a terrible scene.

You can't putt the ball
without a yard rake
at the end of the round
your score is a fake.

But none of this matters
whether the leaves or the wind
you're still plying golf
don't go feeling chagrined.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Cost of Freedom

When freedom is obtained through struggle,
the cost that is paid is death.
That cost is most oft paid by soldiers,
expelling their very last breath.

For you and me and our children,
they go to war and they fight.
So we can here enjoy freedom,
protecting all our rights.

The right to worship as we wish,
the right to speak our mind.
The right to report on our government,
when we feel so inclined.

What kind of people do love us so,
that they will give for us their lives.
Fighting and dying for you and me,
insuring America survives.

They're patriots the lot of them,
sons and daughters,
brothers and sisters,
husbands and wives.

They're giving it all just to keep us safe,
our country and all of our families.
So hold freedom dear and all who have fought,
remembering all of the casualties.

So stop for a moment remembering those dead,
as you're warm and safe by the hearth.
Considering what freedom has cost us,
To you what is freedom's worth?