Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Eye for an Eye

An eye for an eye
leaves everyone blind
and yet we kill on
never looking behind
increasing the pain
of those who yet live
and those who seek closure
when there's none there to give
there are days that I wonder
how long we have left
our time now has been stolen
and we're all victims of theft

There is a Silver Lining

The storm has passed to the east
there is thunder still rolling off in the distance
the rains have lightened now
and the birds once again grace us
with their songs
as I glance to the west
rays of sunlight break through the clouds
a great bow shows itself to the world
its magnificent colors hold me
as if in a spell

Here a reminder
I know so well

Though storms may come
they will also pass
and on the other side
a time of tranquility

There is a silver lining
all we need do is wait

His Own Worst Enemy

In this small town
in my quiet little corner
of a world at war
I cannot escape
that which aids in its destruction.
The stress brought on by the news of the day.
It comes at me from all directions.
It is in the air and around the corner.

People with their opinions
without seeking facts
argue over who is right
and who has their head in the sand.

The discord between neighbors
ever growing for the political theater
of the media.
Actual news seems to have
disappeared with Walter Cronkite
and the rest of the story
died with Paul Harvey.

Must we be subject to the extremes?
They refuse to talk with each other
nor with those who might still believe
that there is a middle ground existing
where we might come together
as a people, as a nation
or globally have a chance.

Have we truly lost the art
of getting along with each other?

So many bigots

So many targets
So much hate

So little tolerance
of others with different viewpoints
who have been shaped by different cultures

Sure each of us are individually different
but we share this great blue marble
which orbits the star we call the sun.
We are all made up of the same stuff
with the same blood
flowing through our bodies.

Under the skin we are all
brothers and sisters.
Yet we seek to destroy each other.

Man, the specie
his own worst enemy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

At What Price

An eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth
violence birthing violence
an unfortunate truth

Attitudes today
put on a strong front
in the face of society
and its battlefront

We've created a world
of dissension and discord
and the a payment for this
we can't begin to afford

The Circle

The kids, that get beaten
by one or more parent
keep on passing this down
and it's become quite apparent
that the circle of violence
the one folks often drive
will not soon be broken
and will continue to thrive

If we could just fix this
and change our direction
learn how to respect
and show true affection
our world might find peace
we could find brotherhood
oh to stop all this violence
now that would be good

Watts, Ferguson, Baltimore .............

Their voice went unheard
and their frustration grew
the wrongs still continued
what were they to do

It was change that was needed
in the treatment of all
what was seen, inequality
which only heightens ones gall

True, violence solves little
and riots are wrong
but when treated as dogs
some feel there's no other song

I don't condone yet I do understand
the way peoples react
to an establishment
with it's head in the sand

Will a cure ever come
will folks be treated as equals
will we ever wake up
or will we suffer more sequels

Monday, April 27, 2015

I See said the Blind Man

Though his eyes were blind
he saw in ways that others did not

With ears he listened
and the truth of a man's hearts
became opened up to him

His nose would not deceive him
for the beauty of each flower
revealed themselves to him

Flavors upon his tongue
painted pictures for his mind
to relish and savor

As he placed his fingers upon a face
he would know a mans joy
or the troubles that beset him

Though many would claim him disabled
he never knew himself to be

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Exclusion Does Not Create Peace

How do we find peace,
is it not through making friends?

Tell me how friends are made
through exclusion.

To leave others out of the circle
sows fine seeds of distrust
distrust creates dissension
dissension then discord
discord leads to arguments
and arguments to anger
anger brings about violence
and from violence often death.

Peace becomes buried under
a blanket of bitterness and hate.

There must be a way
that there can come a day
to show respect to each man
throughout every land
where all men become brothers
instead of thought of as others.

Exclusion drives men to war!

The Journey

Why this journey
with no rhyme or reason
so many directions
throughout each new life season
each time I feel comfort
up pops a change
all becomes new
with a feeling so strange
but it's how we are molded
it shapes who we are
then it's how we react
that makes us a star
so play along with the changes
as if life is a great tourney
it's a wonderful game plan
for a winning end of your journey

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Foolish Man

There across the field
happiness awaits
the grass is so much greener
the air so much fresher
from here I can see
the sparkle of smiles
the joy in the eyes of others

As I begin my trek across to the other side
the brilliance from their smiles
begins to fade
the grass grows sparse
joy seems to be making way
as sorrow moves in taking its place

I turn away
as the sight before me worsens with each moment
and as I glance behind me I find
the place I had come from is no more

There is no return to what once was

I felt the fool for stepping away from who I was
away from my place in life
thinking that the other side of the field
held the happiness I so desired

Now the happiness that I had
was gone as well

It has been said,
“The foolish man seeks happiness at a distance;
the wise grows it under his feet”
~James Oppenheim~

Awakening to a Dream

I awoke to a serene setting
before me a picture of peace
that, among all the creatures of earth

The lion no longer sought
the meat of the lamb

The hawk and rabbit helped each other
raise each others young

The killer whale was nursing
a baby seal

The camel and the mouse
no longer had a question
of who led who
as they together crossed the river
in agreement

As I watched I began to notice
I was the only one of my kind
there were no other men

Those who were normally
at odds with each other
were nowhere to be seen
yet I felt at peace

Was I now the culmination
of all cultures
of all races
of all people

To dream

Silent Times Bring Gold

In the morning silence
sitting alone
well my wheezing cat is here beside me
but otherwise alone

Memories of my earlier days
seem to enter and exit my thoughts
seldom present long enough to dwell upon
unable to be opened fully
that I may enjoy those which had shaped
the good and positive portions of my being

The bad times
those that shaped the negative within me
they never leave
they're always with me
yet they were lessons that needed learning

These lessons
their very memories
repulsive as they are
move me toward an acceptable behavior

I don't even want to think about
reliving the moments that brought them

In continually moving away from these times
unto times that spread happiness to others
I am able to express my thankfulness
that I learned to pay attention

You see the pain of the negative
and not wanting another to experience it
opened the heart
and freed my spirit

Maybe the fleeting memories
those that I thought I wanted to dwell on
though grand
maybe they're not the important ones

Maybe it's the memories of hard times
that keep me on a road
that makes a difference

Monday, April 20, 2015

In The Midst of the Wind

There is pleasure
in the gain of praise

Try not to think you have arrived

There is sorrow
in the loss from blame

Try not to think you are a failure

Understand that the winds
blow from many directions
bringing with it
pleasure and sorrow

Tranquility can only be found
when we learn to stand
in the midst of the winds
and rest as a giant tree

If Only We Could Have Been Children Together

I see him
he's different
my judgment
for I repeat to myself
the words of another
the words of the bigot
who taught me

He knows not of my mind
I have not spoken
my beliefs aloud

He does not see
the darkness
within my heart

Why is it
that he can continue on
with a smile
while I harbor
a feeling of distrust
because of our differences

If we had been allowed
to be thrown together
while we were children
we would never have known
that there was anything
different to judge

My judgment
has destroyed
the man that I
was supposed to be

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

To Laugh as an Innocent Child

Oh to laugh
to have a day of joy
but the world will not allow it

When will I learn to leave the news behind
all trace of it

A better question

How can I leave it behind

There has been so much of the bad
my spirit has been beaten with

Each item ingrained within me

An attempt to shelter myself
leaves me with the memories

My task must be to go forward
without depressing over that which is behind

It was written
that nothing from without
that enters into a man
can defile him

Yet I cannot move past
the inhumanity of today's world

There is no escape
from what I have seen and heard

Will we ever together find joy
and laugh as an innocent child

Monday, April 13, 2015

Thou Shalt Not Hate

It seems they're so filled up with hate
for those who are a little different
that they'll stand right there in the way
of rights and equal treatment

It's not just here at home
concerning minorities and the homeless
and to try and open their hearts
seems like something almost hopeless

They claim the moral high ground
while they practice all this hate
their goal is a theocracy
I hope it's not too late

Right now we're seeing congress
undermine affairs of state
they're posture calling for more war
for this I fear our fate

Yet they claim they're Christian
and these ways of theirs must cease
change their direction from this hatred
and for once, work toward real world peace

Beware the Budget You Cut

With each budget cut
the homeless have grown
more mental illness on the streets
it's an outcome we should have known

Then the next step
to prisons they're sent
for violations and crimes
never understanding the laws they have bent

Whose fault really is it
when this problem's ignored
the mentally disabled require care
rather than the state cutting the cord

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sumtin Gotta Give

How can we trust our congress
simply to work for us
it seems that each time we speak of our needs
they put up an awful fuss

They couldn't care less
if our needs are met
as long as they keep getting theirs
and re-election is set

What they really want are the dollars
that the one percent will give
and as long as the dollars keep flowing in
we'll be needing as long as we live

The Gate

A gate to a castle
once breached
cannot be easily closed

how fragile
broken so easily
the misplaced word
the slightest deed
ruin a good name
leave the flavor of disgust
often forever

How can a mans word be his bond
when words are taken so lightly
an oath should have true meaning
in his heart
yet deeds often show themselves
contrary to that which he swears
to live by

We are taught as children
to trust the clergy

The few have breached that trust

They told us to turn to the police
when we need help

The few have breached that trust

The teachers in our schools
there to guide and protect our children

The few have breached that trust

It is always the few
that give the whole
a bad name
with their violation of trust
expected from those
who swear to be there for us

What change must come
to make things right

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sometimes It'a Better to be the Black Sheep

The black sheep of the family
the one that just doesn't fit in
appears to have faults
that can be seen on the surface
but these faults are really quite thin

Now the white sheep
well they're not always so pure
often setting judgment in stone
only see with their eyes with no feeling of heart
and in truth their fault goes clear to the bone

I guess I'd rather be the black sheep
with a spot maybe two
than to sit in judgment of others
as some of those white sheep like to do

You see hate of what's different
and it doesn't matter from who
is one of the ugliest things
men here on earth tend to do

It Can't Be Done

Everyone says it just can't be done
so why should I even start
waste my time to do the impossible
we all know that wouldn't be smart

But how will I know if I never do try
what if at first I was right
and if I succeed the look on their faces
now that could be one crazy sight

Friday, April 10, 2015

My Best Friends

The birds and the brook
I hear them again
such a wonderful reminder
how nature's my friend

She comes to comfort
my inner being
blessing my soul
with all that I'm seeing

The bee sharing pollen
the worm aerating the earth
to help bring forth the plants
proving all have a worth

Both the rain and the sunlight
they nourish the land
providing for growth
a great helping hand

There's a balance that's needed
from the great to the small
and if man doesn't care
it will be his great fall

The Small Voice Needs More Volume

We think we know so much
yet we understand so little
the handful that do
seem to have the smallest voice
while the masses deny
the earth is being raped
there is little they will accept
warming comes
displayed in the strangest way
air thins
as carbon emissions thicken
depleting potable water
during days of drought
what will it take
a global flood
or a scorched earth
when will they listen
an awakening of the masses must come
before they are no more

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Keep Moving

Moving forward
as a river flows to the ocean
we find a life of vitality

To sit idle
as a pond which has no feed nor exit
the algae grows upon our spirit

we grow stagnant
life itself is choked away

Out on a Limb

Out on a limb
no, not I
why share
my silent opinions
my inner beliefs
are never questioned
never fought over
to argue
only brings stress
stress brings illness
first to the spirit
then the body
they can be found
in the quiet places
of your mind
and heart

Why do men need
justification from others
to be secure in their beliefs

Why do they seek
the acceptance of another
before accepting themselves

Why do men
require the approval of others
to be who they are

Out on a limb
I have no need to be
people fall from there

To Dream of Greatness

To dream as a child
brings him to life
motivates his spirit
and fills his soul with hope

When those dreams are big
and seen as his destiny
they set his feet upon a path
that can lead to greatness

But the dream does not deliver itself
and the path cannot be traveled
without taking the first step

The second and third steps
must then follow
as the realization of a dream
requires dedication and work

This path is not for the faint of heart

To dream of tomorrow is not childish

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Where are the Men of Peace

Although it's peace
that we seek
we find ourselves
up the creek
viewing a picture
that's bleak
from the folly of man
and his long losing streak

It seems the way
of our times
fighting wars
that are crimes
killing kids
in their primes
robbing them
of lifetimes

Religion and greed
continue to shell
leaving death behind
in the wake of shrapnel
not just the soldiers
but civilians as well
yes it does seem
we've made our own living hell

Why can't we end this
why won't we cease
from these men who seek power
is there no release
death and heartache
continue on the increase
my heart cries out
are there no men of peace

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Allegory Ain't History

Allegory taught as history
often leaves idiots
standing in its wake
reciting the stories
as if they're fact
when in truth they're actually fake

They're lessons to learn
that's really their purpose
teaching principles to help guide our lives
but to be preached as true
religion seeks to control you
it's for power the preacher now strives

Thou Shalt Not, REALLY?

Thou shalt not fee the gays
for thine is the kingdom of bigotry

They deserve no pizza
nor wedding cake
what you must offer
your disgust and your hate

Just don't call yourselves christian
as that you are not
remember the mount
he fed all on the spot

With fishes and loaves
he never questioned a one
never leaving a man out
oh no that wasn't done

He then commanded to love all
he didn't leave out the gays
I believe he'd be appalled
at today's christian ways

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Related Strangers

The four had arrived in the same car
I watched as they entered the waiting area together
they were obviously family
they all took seats
but none together
scattered throughout the room
as if they were actually strangers
my interest was captured
ok, curiosity or even nosiness
call it what you will
discretely I watched
no-one spoke a word
no-one shared a glance
until one was called to enter the other room
another stood along with the one called
they entered through the door
still, no words
only the one glance and beckon
moments later they returned
without a word,
the two who were left in the waiting area stood
the four then left together
I am still not sure
as to whether they a were picture of disconnect
or totally connected

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

My Time

The time is mine
to do with as I please
a time to relax
a time to dream
to drink in life
taking off the top
a heavy cream
smooth as silk
whipped and sweet
enhancing the flavor
of each moment
crowning my dessert
there are many more courses
appetizers and entrees
I find sustenance in the bowl
and the beverage
I will continue to drink from the cup
while I still have breath
for the meal is not yet over
the time is mine

A Stained Earth

The world at war
politicians whores
more money
their rallying cries

Lives lost
unacceptable cost
how do we live
with the lies

Blood letting
heart fretting
a countries spirit
withers and dies

How can we end this
bring the world back to peace
will the end of mankind
be the only release

Could we actually be
on the pathway to hell
is the hatred that's sown
a product they sell
the people in power
with the lies that they tell
send off others to war
while they hide in a shell

The wars of religion
the wars of greed
the wars fought for power
they're not what we need

What we need is love
true brotherhood
a world of respect
it's these things that are good

Will there ever come a day
when those people in power
realize their folly
from their ivory tower