Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Stained Earth

The world at war
politicians whores
more money
their rallying cries

Lives lost
unacceptable cost
how do we live
with the lies

Blood letting
heart fretting
a countries spirit
withers and dies

How can we end this
bring the world back to peace
will the end of mankind
be the only release

Could we actually be
on the pathway to hell
is the hatred that's sown
a product they sell
the people in power
with the lies that they tell
send off others to war
while they hide in a shell

The wars of religion
the wars of greed
the wars fought for power
they're not what we need

What we need is love
true brotherhood
a world of respect
it's these things that are good

Will there ever come a day
when those people in power
realize their folly
from their ivory tower

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