Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Gate

A gate to a castle
once breached
cannot be easily closed

how fragile
broken so easily
the misplaced word
the slightest deed
ruin a good name
leave the flavor of disgust
often forever

How can a mans word be his bond
when words are taken so lightly
an oath should have true meaning
in his heart
yet deeds often show themselves
contrary to that which he swears
to live by

We are taught as children
to trust the clergy

The few have breached that trust

They told us to turn to the police
when we need help

The few have breached that trust

The teachers in our schools
there to guide and protect our children

The few have breached that trust

It is always the few
that give the whole
a bad name
with their violation of trust
expected from those
who swear to be there for us

What change must come
to make things right

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