Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Foolish Man

There across the field
happiness awaits
the grass is so much greener
the air so much fresher
from here I can see
the sparkle of smiles
the joy in the eyes of others

As I begin my trek across to the other side
the brilliance from their smiles
begins to fade
the grass grows sparse
joy seems to be making way
as sorrow moves in taking its place

I turn away
as the sight before me worsens with each moment
and as I glance behind me I find
the place I had come from is no more

There is no return to what once was

I felt the fool for stepping away from who I was
away from my place in life
thinking that the other side of the field
held the happiness I so desired

Now the happiness that I had
was gone as well

It has been said,
“The foolish man seeks happiness at a distance;
the wise grows it under his feet”
~James Oppenheim~

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