Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Silent Times Bring Gold

In the morning silence
sitting alone
well my wheezing cat is here beside me
but otherwise alone

Memories of my earlier days
seem to enter and exit my thoughts
seldom present long enough to dwell upon
unable to be opened fully
that I may enjoy those which had shaped
the good and positive portions of my being

The bad times
those that shaped the negative within me
they never leave
they're always with me
yet they were lessons that needed learning

These lessons
their very memories
repulsive as they are
move me toward an acceptable behavior

I don't even want to think about
reliving the moments that brought them

In continually moving away from these times
unto times that spread happiness to others
I am able to express my thankfulness
that I learned to pay attention

You see the pain of the negative
and not wanting another to experience it
opened the heart
and freed my spirit

Maybe the fleeting memories
those that I thought I wanted to dwell on
though grand
maybe they're not the important ones

Maybe it's the memories of hard times
that keep me on a road
that makes a difference

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