Wednesday, April 29, 2015

His Own Worst Enemy

In this small town
in my quiet little corner
of a world at war
I cannot escape
that which aids in its destruction.
The stress brought on by the news of the day.
It comes at me from all directions.
It is in the air and around the corner.

People with their opinions
without seeking facts
argue over who is right
and who has their head in the sand.

The discord between neighbors
ever growing for the political theater
of the media.
Actual news seems to have
disappeared with Walter Cronkite
and the rest of the story
died with Paul Harvey.

Must we be subject to the extremes?
They refuse to talk with each other
nor with those who might still believe
that there is a middle ground existing
where we might come together
as a people, as a nation
or globally have a chance.

Have we truly lost the art
of getting along with each other?

So many bigots

So many targets
So much hate

So little tolerance
of others with different viewpoints
who have been shaped by different cultures

Sure each of us are individually different
but we share this great blue marble
which orbits the star we call the sun.
We are all made up of the same stuff
with the same blood
flowing through our bodies.

Under the skin we are all
brothers and sisters.
Yet we seek to destroy each other.

Man, the specie
his own worst enemy.

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