Thursday, June 4, 2015

Success Is Not Money

The speaker had said
“success is not money”
and for some strange reason
the hearers thought this was funny

Then his words went unheard
future sadness he could have rid
and they were missing this message
as ignore him they did

You'll find success in your joy
which money can't buy
it's found deep in your heart
like you were a boy

The days filled with fun
the games played with your friends
I know, I know
that's not a means to an end

Yes I know we must work
to provide for our needs
but there's no happiness in it
when it's to further our greed

When there's never enough
and we always want more
we're not satisfied
and behind in lifes score

Thing is life is for living
enjoying our days
however they come
in so many strange ways

Whether with family or friends
or at the job site
it's happiness that's important
you must know this to be right

Though the statements I made
may seem kind of funny
the truth is success is much more
than accumulated money

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