Wednesday, January 13, 2016


such a special beauty arrives with her.
My cat and I sit quietly watching the feeder,
the one that's just outside the window.
I guess you could considerate this
one of natures most watched shows.

So many different types of birds are visiting this morning.
Flying in and out,
being nourished by our seed.
Well, it's really their seed.
A little help for their survival,
or is it for our entertainment?
Which ever, the cold days and nights
those that come with winter
do require a little more body heat than the other seasons.

Trying to tell the difference between different sparrows
now that's tough.
The finches, they're somewhat easier.
At first the chickadee and the nuthatch with their similar coloring
brought a little confusion.
It didn't take long to learn the difference though.
But when the red bird arrives we both pay special attention.
I've always understood them to be
well, quite territorial.
Yet here are two of the males and a female
all feeding together
without the males arguing.

Men, if they wanted to could learn a lesson from these birds.
Even when times provide the least
there can still be enough to share.
We can all to eat together in peace.

At least that's the case until the bully bird comes along.
Seems as when that blue jay comes in everybody scatters,
he takes what he wants when he wants it.

But you know something
those birds who prefer to feed on the ground.
They have a debt to pay to him.
He certainly does knock a lot of seed to the ground.

He was just here,
I guess it's time to refill the feeder. 

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