Tuesday, January 12, 2016

So Soft, So Hopeful

Soft music
filling the early hours
it brings me peace
but also a sadness
a sadness that we live in a world
consumed by an attitude of violence
people who think
“I will have closure through revenge”

I am sad for those who hold an attitude of
returning in kind
wrongs they feel have been done to them

Revenge may bring
a certain satisfaction in their minds
but never peace to their spirit
the mind reminds them of the hurt they hold
their heart grows bitter
it is the vengeance that keeps them hurting

Forgiveness is their escape
but they fear forgiving will
allow a repeat of the moment that brought the hurt
that the offender may believe that it's alright with you
but the forgiveness is not for them
it is a letting go of all that has caused your hurt
and robbed you of your happiness
forgiveness is for you

Damn, that music is so important to me
but then, so is my hope that one day
the attitude of violence
will disappear from the face of the earth

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