Saturday, January 23, 2016


Nights were long, days were dark
minutes seemed more like hours
yet in my dreams there was a place
with magic healing powers

The travel would not be easy
the mountains they'll be steep
I imagine there'll be a price to pay
which I know will not be cheap

But here I am, I've made the trek
it's time to pay the price
but now that I know how much it costs
I will not make it twice

This place has brought me heartache
it's delivered so much grief
I wish I'd known when I first came
it was owned by the spirit thief

He was there to steal my happiness
I had soon become his toy
but like all new toys, he tired of me
and he robbed me of my joy

Now life plods on
who cares how I feel
those damn dreams of magic
they're never real

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