Friday, May 1, 2015

The Road to Peace is an Open Heart

Bigotry, hatred
the road to discord
bringing terrible deeds
with the ugliest words

People are people
we all share this earth
we all have a purpose
we all have a worth

We never know when
we'll have need for another
some day we must wake up
and see that all men are brothers

Red, yellow,
black, white and brown
no matter their race
should not be put down

Gay, straight,
believers or not
whether they're male or female
not confined to a spot

We've no right to treat people
who are different from us
with our ways and words
that throw them under the bus

It says “all men are equal”
but that's not how folks are treated
and it's this lack of respect
that's caused peace to be defeated

Wake up my friends
and seal a new fate
learn to love one another
before it's too late

If you're afraid
you'd not know how to start
it's really quite easy
just open your heart

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