Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Gift from the Mist

I sat in the shallow cavern behind the falls
gazing out at the fine mist
it was rising above the pool below
I watched as the sun sent forth its rays of light
as they passed through this mist before me
I felt as if I was receiving a gift
sent by morning star
its brilliance
excited the millions of prisms
contained within the tiny water droplets
causing colors to burst forth
displaying the most glorious rainbow
more spectacular than I had ever witnessed before
all those wonderful colors
coming together
to make the whole of this vision in the mist
it was then that I realized
today this rainbow
that I was given the privilege of viewing
was not the promise spoken of
instead, it was a message
that all men
of all colors and races
of all faiths
believers or not
gay and straight alike
whether they're rich or poor
must at one point
all come together
if we are ever to be whole
for within us
it is the same river of life
being pumped through our bodies
by our hearts

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