Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Poets Immortal

Poets immortals
ever with us
their ghosts still present
there's no need for to fuss

They mean you no harm
they're here for to bless
with the words that they've left us
they oft relieve our distress

Their words are alive
they are truly an art
a wonderful archive
here to show us their heart

These marvelous words
that we sit and we ponder
the stories they bring us
offer journeys to wander

The pictures they paint
with the ink that they share
introduce us to new places
and then take us there

They show us the heavens
and take us through hell
their inspired words
put us under their spell

Some are life lessons
others lessons of love
they document wars
and speak as the dove

Yes they live on
not one of them dead
they're truly immortal
as long as they're read

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