Monday, October 27, 2014

Just a Name

So, they say they are Christian
but how are they measured
do they act like their Saviour
can they truly be treasured

Or have they wandered away
from so many of his teachings
ignoring his words
it's his intention they're breeching

When you look at these people
quite often you'll find
they've forgotten his love
for all of mankind

Their treatment of black folk
less than human they were
three fifths of a person
not the Christians finest hour

Women had their day
in the churches not equal
again less than human
kind of like a rerun or sequel

Today it's the gays
trans-gendered and bi's
and these same so called Christians
have averted their eyes

Refusing to love
as that man Jesus said
gone to the extreme
of wishing them dead

Where is that love
where is their caring
are todays Christians real
or is just a name they are wearing

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