Monday, October 13, 2014

The Earth is Ours, We are the Earth

We are children of the one creator
man has given him many names
but the names matter not
he is simply the ever present

We are all his creation
all of the same substance
I am but a small part of he
while he is all of me

Being one with the earth
the flowers of all colors
and the towering trees
the animals that roam
the forests and prairies

Being one with the seas
the gilled of the deep
the air breathers and shellfish

One with the heavens
the melodious songbirds
those great birds of prey
even the vulture
who displays great beauty in flight

They are all a part of him
all intended to be the answer
to the needs of another
the supply that sustains

He's not hard to please
he only wishes
to be treated with respect
a gentle touch
a soft footprint
use but don't abuse
and share it all
while traveling his paths

We are also the answer
to the needs of another

We are their sustainer

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