Sunday, October 5, 2014

Old Friends

Old friends
no, not those of Paul Simon
there was no park bench
for them to sit on
they were not like bookends
different as night and day
was what they were
yet they were friends
from their youth
the very best of friends
now they had aged

As boys
they were inseparable
if you saw one
you saw the other
they did everything together
sandlot baseball
driveway basketball and boxing
worked a paper route together
they even attended ballroom dancing classes

Elementary school had come and gone
junior high and then high school
it was here that they started to become
two very different people

One was smart as a whip
he was also quite adept at sports
The other
well, not so much
The one went the college route
while the other entered the service
The one became a professor
the other a working stiff

Like I said earlier
two very different people

They now live half a country away from each other
they're no longer seen together
they haven't shared time
on the sandlot or in the driveway
in more years than one cares to imagine

Still they share the same memories
they continue to live in each others hearts
they're not Paul Simons
but they're old friends

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