Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mad at the World

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
as death marches on
the killers walk free

Home and abroad
our children they're dying
parents and loved ones
at home can't stop crying

It's hard to accept it
you cannot move on
when a death comes to visit
and your child is gone

Sad for a moment
the next you're so pissed
you beg for some closure
but it doesn't exist

You never forget
ask around and you'll see
there is ever a hole
where the heart used to be

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
they're down in the gutter
they're like you and like me

These folks they're still people
there are children and vets
unwed mothers and the ill
fallen through all the nets

Hungry and cold
each day continue to suffer
while the greedy fat cats
keep adding more to their buffer

Laws being made
against feeding these people
ordinances made
that they cannot panhandle

How else will they eat
how will they survive
when our countries lawmakers
wish they weren't even alive

It's not just here in the states
it's all over this earth
where men fallen on hard time
are seen to be without worth

I pity the rich folks and lawmakers
the ones who haven't a care
but their greed makes me angry
with their refusal to share

Yet the poor, the downtrodden
and us who live week to week
are the folks who will share
when the picture's most bleak

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
our kids taught to hate
that's not how it should be

When they're just small
they don't know about hate
but then as they grow
bigoted parents dictate

“Stay away from them
can't you see they are black”
it could be Muslim or Jew
the bigots go on attack

And it's not just the white folk
that live in this world
it's from all races and creeds
that this hate has been hurled

Just because someone's different
kids are being taught “they are BAD”
it not only makes me angry
but also quite sad

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
old folks neglected
why can't their kids see

Many see their parents are aging
body and mind paying the toll
from the pressures of life
and that they're no longer whole

Then the kids say they can't cope
taking care of parents today
except to pack up their belongings
an stash them away

To the rest home they send them
after all that's a start
to have the care they require
minus the needs of the heart

Then they wonder what's wrong
with their Mammy and Pappy
when they do finally visit
to only find they're not happy

Mad at the world
that's what you should be
are you immune to the killings
they sure bother me

What of the homeless
are they no more than bums
do you care for these people
or are you just numb

The hate that is taught
to you does it matter
or have you been part of that teaching
think of the hearts it does shatter

When your folks do get old
it's your love they will need
c'mon think about it
after all you're their seed

In life there are things that matter
they ought to be done right
if these things make you angry
it's time that you join the fight

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