Thursday, December 11, 2014

Still Mad at the World

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
the men of greed
deprive many in need
c'mon at least feed

the children

Mad at the world
why shouldn't I be
our leaders ain't trying
leaving mothers home crying
while their children are dying
at wars to appease those of greed

War waged for profit
what's wrong with these men
lives having no meaning
I'll ask it again

They've purchased our government
it's power they buy
when it comes to their greed
is this the ultimate high

It's much more than money
it's power they want
like the days of the slaves
have come back to haunt

they want full control of the public
get rid of the whole middle class
the more we're like slaves
the better their days
their ways won't soon pass

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