Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I want to go back
please let me return
it's to those days of old
that my heart does now burn

The days of my youth
when all was for fun
to live them again
like a summer rerun

Return to those times
when my cares were so few
and there wasn't a worry
of what this world's going through

Life was so much simpler
when I was a boy
you see our days back then
were filled with laughter and joy

It's so much different now
those days they're gone forever
but the memories live on
and of theses I'll not sever

For when things get too much
and the burden too heavy
I'll remember my youth
and let it act as a levee

It may just be the floodgate
that's keeping me sane
not allowing the madness
of this world be a bane

Keeping the poisons of life
away from by heart
to renew my spirit
and make a fresh start

Although I wish to return
I know it can't be
the same as it was
except in my memory

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