Saturday, July 19, 2014

For The Children

I awake, my heart sinks
with each days dawning light
another day of struggle
where our children must fight
many for breakfast
others for warmth
and over there
on the other side
just to survive
another mans war

Why must they suffer
hungry and cold
and the rockets
red glare
these wars
they're getting old
not all are fought battles
but they all threaten life
we must comfort the children
put an end to their strife

These children
they're precious,
but they're also our future
the wounds
quite deep
are in need of a suture

If we fail to make changes
and let them bleed out
the day will come sooner
that man will fade-out


It's time
to stop all this madness
put an end to the wars
put an end to the sadness

Our children should laugh
our children should play
and not have to fight
to survive each new day

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