Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life Sucks

Life sucks
then you die
some-how's become
todays depressed cry

what the hell's wrong
why can't they see
the good times out there
they ain't just for me

they mope, can't cope
don't care for tomorrow
do dope, no hope
it all adds to their sorrow

they gotta step up
gotta get right
gotta come round
or their future ain't bright

the thought is it's rad
to be actin' real bad
and makin' folks mad
but the truth is it's sad

maybe some day
they'll wake to that truth
look at the world
but not through 80 proof

see life as it is
with hope in their eyes
accepting themselves
rather than living their lies

life don't really suck
and yeah someday we'll all die
but it ain't gotta be rotten
go-on give it a try

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