Friday, February 21, 2014

The Unwanted Visitor

I was paid a visit
the other day
he barged in on me
is what I should say

He claimed to love all
that's what he said
then to my surprise claimed
Gays ought to be dead

He might have been
from that Westboro church
who want to leave citizens
out in the lurch

Then he began
to talk of Arabs
wishing they'd flake off
they were nothing but scabs

Then of the Asians
don't ever forget that war
them and their women
weren't nuthin' but whores

I wanted to stop him
but he just went on
it was time for Hispanics and Blacks
to join his hate throng

Told me how evil
our fighting men were
telling me how
I knew not the score

Well I refused to yell
no I wouldn't get mad
offered him lunch
it was all that I had

Then once he had left
yes he had been fed
I sat in the front room
shaking my head

I couldn't get over
his claim of great love
telling me how it had
come from above

The hate that he showed me
said he just ain't what he claimed
cause his kind of thinking
leaves a world that's been maimed

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