Saturday, February 22, 2014

It Just Don't Pay

I noticed a man
the other day
he was pushing others
out of his way

He could have passed by
without giving a shove
yet he pushed on past
empty of love

His attitude showed
by the scowl on his face
warning all others
they should all know their place

Below him of course
and out of his way
if they hindered his progress
there'd be Hell to pay

He continued on
thinking he was a king
pushing past others
but he'd forgotten one thing

There's always another
bigger and stronger
who'll send you back down
and you'll be king no longer

Well this guy done met him
and took a great fall
then went looking for help
from any and all

But there was no help
you see nobody cared
all his past unkindness
had everyone scared

Then he hit bottom
and the one thing he did find
was that it really don't pay
to treat others unkind

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