Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It's Time To Sample The Nectar

Sticks and stones
though one breaks bones
those words they slice much deeper

For careless words when they are spoken
cause others hearts to become broken
these words they're far more dangerous than swords

It no longer seems our fashion
to treat folks with compassion
seems to be the trend that most don't care

The treatment of others has grown coarse
folks live like this without remorse
I have to wonder do they even care about themselves

But those who care they're a special breed
they'll even cater to the need
as a whipping boy for those who would abuse

It's not themselves they think about
that's not what brotherhood's all about
to survive in this world we need each other
treating each as if a brother
my hope is some day that we wake up
to learn to drink from that one cup

Containing a nectar known as


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