Monday, February 24, 2014

The Optimist

My days I find so bright so clear
it seems that life is full of sheer
there's always blessings round the bend
and never a worry or problem to mend
my time has come this is my fate
there's nothing I don't appreciate
such a wonder it is
I see
to be my life

Life is kind it's always fair
as if I'm honored within the lair
as the guest of a cougar
as she's nursing her cubs
it's natures love she shows in the flesh
I know man can learn and start life afresh
I have no fear
I know
there's always a way

Why me
What have I done
That I should live
A life with so much fun
I always do see
A life filled with joy
It's all of the the fun
I knew as a boy
I just love to view
With positive eyes
A world filled with happiness
Life's only true prize

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