Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Footbridge

I sat with my legs dangled over the side,
Listening to natures chorus and the voice of the falls.
Hours spent searching within.
So much sorrow found!
The realization of just how far man has erred haunts my soul.
This beauty missed in the never ending hustle and bustle.
Life has so much more to offer.
It is not only this stream that humanity is leaving behind.
The love and respect for all things has been left at the wayside.
But I had come to think,
To rest from reality and fantasize how the world could be healed.
The sounds of the forest along with the falling water returned.
I felt joyful that my heart had not grown cold,
That the way man had turned against man still bothered me.
I found a certain comfort as I now knew I could still live with who I was.
I think I will stay a while longer and sit
with my legs dangled over the side of this beautiful little footbridge
and listen some more to natures music
and the voice of the falls.

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