Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Cabin

Blessed by the surrounding forest
so thick with spruce
their boughs reaching low to the ground
there was a natural protection from the winter winds

The snows
when they came
fell gently
covering the ground all about his cabin

Though temperatures would drop outside
within the cabin there was a comfortable warmth
supplied by the ever present embers
found at the base of the hearth

Tonight, the snows were held at bay
it was a bright and wonderful full moon
reflecting from the surface of yesterdays snow
giving an eye opening bit of entertainment

As he gazed out his window
he stood watching as a beautiful buck
emerged from the trees
he was soon joined by a large doe

Within minutes
his entire clearing was filled
with deer
searching for a meal

It was for these nights
he had left the rat race of city life
gone off the grid
and returned to days gone by

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