Saturday, September 5, 2015

Come sit with me

There is this stream
it carries the music of life through the forest
calming the soul and spirit
of any and all who spend time
listening to its song

As I sit by waters edge
my toes being kissed by its gentle current
I find an unexpected blessing
one that has always been there for me.
All that was needed
was for me to come and accept it

To get here I left a world
ravaged by a rushed
and impatient society.
Its greed and lack of kindness
has taken its sad toll of far too many

That world would have owned me as well
had I not come to this place
far away from the mean streets
away from the get ahead at any cost attitude it has
free of the stress it imparts

It is a place of true comfort
more tranquil than one could ever imagine

The stream flows through me
its music feeds my spirit
its song fills my heart

The thoughts of that other place
now washed from my mind
it seems as though I have grown new ears
I have learned to listen in a whole new way
my eyes opened now to beauty
wherever they land
my heart, opened wider than ever
being filled with great joy

I have never known such peace

I think I'll stay awhile

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