Friday, March 14, 2014


Men often build walls
which bring on their falls
when they insist on keeping their minds closed

Beliefs most unwavering
when they ought to be savoring
the good that they seem to oppose

Their feelings unspoken
as if they were broken
so that they'd always appear quite composed

With emotions held back
as if under attack
such a weakness if bared and exposed

Their authority would be lost
that's much too high of a cost
they're the king and ought not be deposed

So it's not much of a puzzle
why they're flexing their muscle
they're just insuring that their will is imposed

They're now living in a bubble
creating most of their own trouble
it's their foolish pride that should be quickly disposed

If they'd only open their mind
so much less stress they would find
life would improve, now don't you suppose

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