Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where True Ugliness Can Be Found

When ones insides are ugly
it shows in their words
when the purpose they have
is to use them as swords

When they ridicule others
and treat them as dirt
it shows just how small that they are
if you're looking for proof it's their own words that assert

It won't matter their good looks
on their outside they've been born
with the way that they act
they'll do naught but draw scorn

In the end no-one will like them
they will be cast away
they must learn to treat others with kindness
or there's a price they will pay

Though many may say
“oh no, that's not me”
if they don't change their ways
they'll learn how speech is not free

For our words they do come
with a great responsibility
not to use them to hurt others
you see they have that ability

Do they want to be lonely
is their goal to be hated
again, if they don't change their ways
then their wish will be sated

Ones words can show
just how ugly they are
and their beauty won't matter
looks don't make one a star

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