Saturday, October 24, 2015

How The Loss of My Eye Became A Blessing

My right eye
lost to glaucoma
self pity took my heart
the days were long
the question was always
why me
a constant mood of darkness
my attitude was sour

it's strange how a person can change
totally change for such a small disability
so small compared to those who have lost both legs
so small compared to those who become paralyzed
so small compared to if I had lost both eyes

it was those thoughts that brought me back
losing one eye was little
a minor inconvenience
mostly just a loss of peripheral vision
that and my depth perception leaving me
within that six to eight foot distance it was strange

life was changing for me again
it was night and day
from sour to sweet
the self pity was gone
what I had was far greater than what I had lost
I was immediately able to appreciate what I still had
no more did I rue the loss
I began to realize
there was beauty in the world
that I had never seen before

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